1 Foot tall Bionicle Warrior

I have been making this for the last couple of months, now i would like some feedback before I finish it.
(colour are not final, I will order them online.)


The colors are all over the place but the build looks pretty impressive.

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Thanks for liking it.
Also about the colours, im making it out of parts I’ve got at home and I’ll replace parts in the correct colour from bricklink when its finished

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Is the system in this moc stable?

The scale is certainly impressive.

I can’t wait to see the finished model…

Either this was put there after you mentioned it. Or, more likely, you just forgot to read it.

In any case, the build is very good… Can’t wait to see it finished.

This is what it’s loosely based on.


Impressive. Most impressive.

At this scale those fingers are rather small, and the shoulders are gappy.

Well… I’d say it looks more system than bionicle, and friction adders would help with support. Anyways, can’t wait for the final colors

The colours seem a bit all over the place, and it looks like it uses more system parts than Bionicle parts. Otherwise, the build is impressive, the head especially!

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