Name Luna Dragonia


I like the use of the launcher pieces for the shins; I don’t think it’s something I’ve seen before.

And that lightsaber… is it also a gun?

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Must’ve stole it from Ezra.

For the MOC itself:
The proportions rather work for it’s benefit, I like just how beefy you made her shoulders and chest. It all complements the white-horn detail, and skull-mask, to emphasize the “danger” of the character. But, I believe this doesn’t work for it being female, proportion-wise. Although, we are talking about a fantasy universe, and I’d rather just leave it off at that for myself, then get into some sort of controversy.

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Yes, yes it is. It shot metal bullets not plasma like from star wars

@LeKrahka No its not similar to Ezra’s lightsaber blaster its not a blaster at all it doesn’t have that thing that only the blaster and light saber can be used one at a time also i build her like that to represent a dragon feel to the person(her) whom i build it for and me. True it is fantasy stuuuff

Please don’t double post. It’s a rule.

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I did think of that too, but I was making a RWBY reference.


Pretty good moc, nice weapons.

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