12 Days of Christmas Challenge! (Day 24)

Since @Jedder77 isn’t a master, I asked him if I could hsot it for him, he said he was ok with it, so this challenge is back!

12 Days of Christmas Challenge!


For 12 days straight, build a Lego MOC!

  • Starting December 1st, challengers have the simple task of building one Lego creation a day. It can be a small MOC, big MOC, silly MOC, cute MOC, epic MOC; it doesn’t matter what cause we’re having fun! The challenge is on until December 12th (Because the song said so).
  • Do take note that the challenge hasn’t started yet! This means that you have time to plan ahead on what you want to build for each day. Pre-planning is permitted as long as you wait build what you have planned. (I, myself, have a list of 23 ideas ready to go. Think I can build them all?)
  • Don’t feel up to the challenge? That’s ok! It’s a busy month for
    everyone. But don’t let that stop you from cheering on the challengers.
    Check out the Challenge posts each day and punch in a like or a comment
    for what you see from each builder! You might be surprised what can be
    built in a day!


  • Starting December 1st, I will make a post for the challenge on the message boards every day.
    This will be a “host post” for people to show what they’ve built for the day. The main format of the post title will be “12 Days of Christmas Challenge: Day #”. You can find the post by typing the name in the search bar, or you can check the activity on my channel.
  • You participate by replying to the host post.
    You are officially registered as a challenger when you reply to the challenge post on December 1st, and you stay registered as long as you reply to the follow ups. Each post following the 1st will have a list of the challengers still participating. You can reply with either a straight-up image of your MOC (you can copy them into the reply box, if you didn’t know) or you can provide a link to your MOC on another site.
    Deviantart, MOCpages, it doesn’t matter as long as we (especially the
    host) can find it!
  • You complete the challenge if you make it to December 12th.
    Challengers who complete the challenge will be listed in another post on December 13th to congratulate those who stuck through to the end!


  1. Build 1 Lego creation a day.
    More than one is acceptable, but not necessary. Your MOC must be built on the exact day you submit it. MOCs Pre-built before the day of submission are not acceptable (because that takes away the challenge).
  2. You complete the challenge when you make it to the 12th of December.
    The complete period for the challenge is from December 1st to December 12th. (See Bonus Phase in regard to bonus entries.)
  3. Your Lego creation must be YOUR OWN CREATION.
    Official sets are not accepted for this challenge. On the other hand, you don’t have to be super-original. If you want to use a set build for your own character or make your own version of an official Lego character, go ahead and have fun.
  4. Your creation must be built from the beginning.
    All creations for this challenge must be built from square 1. Revamps of
    previous creations are accepted, but you still have to BUILD it. The
    purpose of this challenge is to get building, not tweaking what you’ve
    already made.
  5. Minimum piece count requirement is 10 and there is no maximum limit.
    Again, this challenge is supposed to be fun and, as such, relatively easy. If you’re counting how many pieces your MOC has, you’re taking it too seriously!
  6. Your creation for the day must be complete.
    By the end of the day, you must be “done” with whatever you built. If you want to update it in your own time, that’s up to you. For this challenge, works in progress don’t count.
    In case it wasn’t clear, this is a LEGO building challenge. Don’t assume that this challenge isn’t for bricks, buildings, etc. This is a personalized challenge, which means that if you’re participating, you’re having your own fun with Legos.
  8. Character Bios are not required.
    This is just something to get out of the way: you don’t need to have a story behind what you build. That’s not to say you can’t have any bios at all. Just don’t think you need them to qualify for the challenge.
  9. You will be notified if you are disqualified
    I really hope there’s no reason for anyone to be disqualified from the challenge besides for just reaching their limit. However, if that does happen, you will be notified with an explanation.

I don’t want people to worry about the rules too much, so here’s a summary of what you should worry about: Build a MOC a day, be creative, and have at least 10 pieces; and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Bonus Phase


Keep building a MOC a day for Bonus points!

  • Don’t stop now! You’re having such a good time! Keep building until December 24th for the chance to earns more bragging rights over your competing builders!
  • If you’ve been following the normal challenge, keep following and keep liking and commenting! There are bonus points for challengers who are complemented for what they build.


  • I will continue making posts for the challenge until December 24th or until challengers can’t go anymore.
    If all but one challenger stops, they will be declared the winner. If more than one challenger makes it to December 24th, then on the 25th I will make a conclusion post announcing the winner of the Bonus phase.
  • The winner of the Bonus Phase will be determined one of two ways.
    One, be the last challenger standing, or two, have the most bonus points on
    December 24th, the final day. (See the rules for how you earn bonus
    points.) Bonus points will be tallied on the 24th to determine the
    winner amongst those that stuck through.


  1. Same rules as before.
    The only difference is the end date will be the 24th.
  2. Bonus Points are made as follows
    A. Total number of Likes on your MOCs.
    B. Complementary or constructive comments on your MOCs. (You don’t loose points from negative comments.)

Remember, everyone. While this phase is meant to be slightly more competitive, it’s still about having fun. Don’t let the regulations keep you from enjoying what other people build! I, for one, will be praising what my “opponents” build, even if they stop at the basic challenge.

I will keep the list of people who wanted to join last time so i’ll put it here
@Plural @Mrblackpants @LTVmocs @Calebmar12 @CrusaderofCaesar1 @Toa_Distraxx @decepticonaiden @Dragon_Ben @ToaTeramur @Mistah_Grammaticul @Pak @21sselliW @RaptorTalon @Sammythekat @Jack_Frost @Doremarpool @Leoxandar @ToaPanda @21sselliW @Omega_Tahu @Novel


Glad to see that it’s back!

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Let the fun begin tomorrow, everyone! :smiley:

I originally intended for the 10 piece minimum to be for each creation. But with what you’re describing, I like “for the day” better. That rule was just for extra backup so that participants didn’t sell their creativity short.

But, ur not supposed to start till tomorrow



i guess i’ll build a different one


Oh, i would join, but, i dont have time.


I won’t be able to join unfortunately.
As I have drivers ed and will be getting home much later.


So is it alright that I’ve already started my first entry?

I’d like to join but what about Timezones? it’s already the 1st here. Does that mean I need to start building now?

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#I’m gonna have the host post up at 6:30 am PST


Okay cool

I wanna join

I assume you’re in America, judging by the lack of a host post on 1st of December? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll join!

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But that’s not how the 12 Days of Christmas work :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll join.


sounds fun!

for the 10 piece minimum is that for each creation or the day because I’m planning on doing micro-scale transformers in the beginning.

I’m red E.

I’ve scoured my room for all the most useful part’s I could find (plus a camel head). I’m only going to use the parts in this box (and I probably won’t wind up using the camel head) So we’ll see how that goes (and if I use the camel head).



I see I was not put on the list… :sob:

Anyways, count me in.

My ignorance is showing, but, um, would someone please educate me by telling me what a MOC is? Please?


MOC is an acronym standing for “My Own Creation”-- models you come up with yourself.