1st Annual TFM Awards!

The following have gained recognition for gaining a TFM Award!

Diaa, Predecessor of Light for Dedication!
Kulta Sketch for Recreation of a Villain!
Donte, Toa of Edgeiness for "wut.", at 6 votes!
@Triple for Most Reasonable Not-Mod!, at 7 votes!
Plurago for Most Balanced Role Play Character!
@Waj for Best Mod, at 9 votes!
@Paradox for Coolest Avatar, at 8 votes!
@Plural and @PekekoaOfJungle for Board Clown(s), at 5 votes!

GG, all! GG.


Why does it have to be one? :cry:

Could you be a bit more descriptive?

Personality of Cool Factor?

How about Favorite Protector, Favorite Villager, Favorite Master, etc.?


What is all this?

Best Looch.

Only nominee is me cause you can't have 2 Looch's in the same universe simultaneously unless one is wielding D4C


You can nominate...

If someone is super reasonable Not VictorianPanda and is relativly open-minded, they can be nominated.

Yes, and no. They can have powers, but they must have a weakness of some sort.


So I can't vote for Sammy, Looch, or JMP... Darn.

Welp; there goes my chances for that award.

Okay, category suggestion: Best Crustacean...


coolest Avatar.


I make a pretty good Not-Mod. :smile:

Seems interesting.

For as much time you want to look into your future-self's eyes, you have to stay inactive for half that amount of time.

(You want to 10 hours into the future. You can only see the world through your future self's eyes. After you're done looking 5 hours will have passed.)

Definitely Chronicler for making that Kahi Attorney game.

Masters fit here right? If so, Scarlirian. He makes all those topics of complied information.

Board Clown.
(Like class clown)

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eh what

Clarifying, the first time I saw your profile background I simply stared. "wut" For some reason I can only see it when I tag you and click the preview thing.

(I'm talking bout that creepy open mouthed pink thing)

I'll change my nomination to something else.

Best Roleplay



How about the Assassins of Okoto? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I'd say the Never-Ending Crossover Adventure has higher chances of winning.

silently passes on money-filled suitcase to @TFM101


Hence the Winking Tongue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yah, The NECAR is probably my favorite. :smile:

secretly burns suitcase of money

Category suggestion is now over!

Please do not fret. I took a look at all of these and, because they are all so good, we have to vote.

Category Voting is now over!

Please note, I am skipping one person categories, such as Best Looch, and Best Crustacean. Sorry guys, but that's kinda cheating.


That physically hurt me :cry:

yes, sir

but seriously I worked hard for that cash cry