2 site bugs: new topics and the Not Categorized category

First, I noticed I was unable to visit the "Not categorized" category. Every time I tried, it said it didn't exist or was private.

Then, when I got to create this topic, I noticed something odd: I couldn't change the category of a Topic I was making. I could when I actually went to a category page, but then it's just stuck on that category. It only shows one category at a time. So, yeah, could someone move this to Site Bugs for me? As explained, I cannot create a topic there. I am only able to create one for the Off-topic category.


As you wish.

Moved to "Site Bugs"

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Not Categorized is not actually a category- hence why it's called "Not Categorized".

It's merely a system where topics go if you don't assign them a category for organizational purposes. It's not actually accessible to users and shouldn't be used as a real category- all non LEGO/TTV/Community related topics should be made in Off Topic instead.