—> close ups <—
“I am charting changes in the skies. Many important things are happening around Mata Nui, and many more will happen. I use the telescope on the cliff. It tells what will happen, and when.”

happy new years everyone.


This is really beautiful, and almost eerie…

This looks really nice! I can’t even find any visual flaws with it! It’s almost creepy, but still beautiful at the same time! :smiley:

You can honestly tell that there’s more than Spherus Magna in the universe through your artwork…

Quite peaceful. I love everything about this…

I love this, it has to be one of my favorite art pieces you’ve presented so far on the boards. The colors you used make it very mesmerizing and gives me a sense of hope.


This has to be my favorite piece from you so far. The colors are excellent, the nebulas were beautifully done, and while the Red Star may be important the unknown shining star instils a sense of hope.


Oh yeah I can see Nolan North aswell

Now, listen to this and look at the image again.


beautiful as always

that is quite incredible

Wow. That truly perfects it.

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love this so much :heart_eyes_cat:

especialy with the Telescope music from MNOG. Thanks @KanohiOfDovah for adding the music to this topic so that i can lisen to it while i look at it.

this image just sums up the feeling i have everytime i am at the Telescope in MNOG, the telescope is one of the best parts of MNOG in my own opinion because when you hear the music and look through the telescope, its gives this feeling of dread, mystery and wonder.

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Very beautiful drawing, was expecting one that would tie everything together though given the title, something that had all the different Toa (or characters) standing together looking at the stars perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

*Forgive me if I’m suggesting too much, just you do amazing work and i know you can do it if you’d want to try

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the drawing came before the title, its just something i thought of because new years and stuff. im bad with titles.


You’ve done it again. This piece truly takes my breath away.

I find my self staring for minutes, and I will continue to do so for many more…

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Any chance you give me advice on how you drew the nebula clouds?

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yessir. its actually simpler than it looks. do your black-navy background gradient, and then add a luminosity layer on top. then just loosely paint with a normal hard round brush at about 8-10% opacity in a desired color on that layer.


That’s amazing. You can really feel the nostalgia :relieved: