2001 Masks Vector Drawing

A collection containing all 12 Kanohi masks of the year 2001. Use them as your own screen background. If you have Windows, you can even choose how many wallpapers should be displayed.
List of all years I will do:
-2001 - done
-2002 - done http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/2002-2003-masks-vertex-drawing/28945
-2004 - done http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/2004-masks-vertex-drawing/28914/1
-2005 - to do
-2006 - to do
-2007 - to do
-2008- to do

Komau - Turaga Onewa

Huna - Turaga Vakama

Mahiki - Turaga Matau

Ruru - Turaga Whenua

Rau - Turaga Nokama

Matatu - Turaga Nuju

Akaku - Toa Kopaka

Miru - Toa Lewa

Kakama - Toa Pohatu

Hau - Toa Tahu

Kaukau - Toa Gali

Pakari - Toa Onua

I have too much free time.

Permissions denied for:
-publishing it as your own art
-edit it a bit and still publish it under your name


These are really nice. I might have to use some of them as backgrounds for my computer. :slight_smile:

Pretty cool, I like the style of these.

daang these are gud

These are pretty good. Mind if I use the Lewa one for my user card and/or profile background

Not at all. I wrote down what you should not do with my work below my artwork collection.

EDIT: I'm working on the 2004 masks right now. I think that a sperate topic would be better suited. It would be a mess, publishing them here.

These would be pretty sweet as wallpapers.

Looks very good, though the Matatu should probably be light grey.