2002/2003 Masks Vector Drawing

A collection containing all 8 Kanohi masks of the year 2002 and 2003. Use them as your own screen background. If you have Windows, you can even choose how many wallpapers should be displayed.
List of all years I will do:
-2001 - done http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/2001-masks-vertex-drawing/28908
-2003 - done
-2004 - done http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/2004-masks-vertex-drawing/28914
-2005 - to do
-2006 - to do
-2007 - to do
-2008- to do

Avohkii - Toa Takanuva

Kraakhan - Makuta Teridax

Akaku Nuva - Toa Kopaka

Hau Nuva - Toa Tahu

Miru Nuva - Toa Lewa

Kaukau Nuva - Toa Gali

Kakama Nuva - Toa Pohatu

Pakari Nuva - Toa Onua

Can't say much about them. Still, Onua's mask is harder to see due to its colour. Sorry.

Permissions denied for:
-publishing it as your own art
-edit it a bit and still publish it under your name


Looking good!

I literally can't see Makuta or Onua's masks. It's just basically a black image.

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I think Onua's background color should be a dark grey. And maybe a dark red for Makuta.

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Looks really nice!

Makuta's is really dark red. But you are right about Onua's
One problem would be that your screen luminosity is too low. I can see the mask without problems on my PC and mobile.

Fixed now.


Oh cool. Looks great!