2015 Bionicle story?

How would you create the new story? Reboot? Continuation? Lemme know guys!

Complete reboot starting from 2001 (the Rahi attack, but a strange plant also threatens the Matoran). Bohrok happen as beforre, but the Kal don’t happen and it moves right into the Rakshi. The Metru Nui Saga goes as normal, although the Morbuzahk survives the year. 2005 is skipped, and 2006 goes as normal. The Piraka are a bit less violent, as I think 2006 was a bit too dark and gritty for kids and scared kids off. The Barraki should also be toned down, of course, at this point it continuing gets unlikely, as at this point it has run for 6 years, 2 years longer than Hero Factory, so that’s where I’ll leave it.

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I like it man, although I have to say, I was like 9 or 10 when the 05-06 lines came out and I freaking loved them! Especially the Barraki though, there was just this mystery of were they came from and such, it was awesome!

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So almost exactly what happened last time but with less content? Perfect.

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I just think that the Kal and the Hordika didn’t add anything to the story. And I’m not saying that those wouldn’t be replaced (although the Kal would have no substitutes.) The Hordika could be replaced with the Morbuzahk as the main enemy, with plant themed bad guys. (this actually sounds pretty cool now that I think about it(

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That’s still retreading old ground though. I think BIONICLE G2 should bring something new to the table.

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whoa man… kinda true

I agree with you, and I do think it’s unlikely for Lego to go this route, but I do not have a way of predicting what new characters Lego might introduce or what new plots might develop. I’m smart, but I’m not that smart, I’m just following Whenua’s principle of “the past can teach us our future”

Although, I can definitely see them going with plant enemies

This isn’t a prediction thread though.

Truth. But whatever. Honestly I just post to get peoples minds flowing, were they go from there, is up to them.

oh. Guess it pays to read the text carefully

(this is based around the serials being deemed noncanon) I would start it on Spherus Magna, two to three weeks after the reformation, and already things are starting to get aggressive between the Matoran and Agori. The Toa Nuva have disappeared, and the Glatorian don’t like the Toa. Things get heated when an unexpected threat comes from Bota Magna. Living plants, who have bodies similar to the Toa, attack the Matoraan and Agori. the first line of defense the Toa and the Glatorian send out are the Bo-Toa (or whatever the Plant toa are called), but they are ripped apart by their elemental energy, it being turned on them by the plant creature. Slowly the rest of the Toa fall, and the Glatorian follow soon after. The Matoran and Agori, desperate to survive, create the Defenders, powerful robot warriors who can fend off the plant creatures. It’s a losing battle though, as one by one they fall, until only six remain. Through a glitch in their programming, they have developed personalities, giving them the edge over the mindless plant creatures. However, not even they can last forever, and when their doom seems imminent, a new hope appears. The Toa Nuva, reborn as the Toa Magna, with Tahu at their lead. They fight off the plant monsters with help from the Defenders, and when all the plant creatures are destroyed, a green mist can be seen leaving their shattered bodies, exiting back into the jungle. The Toa rejoice, but when the Matoran and Agori tell them of the fate of the other Toa and Glatorian, their smiles fade. Meanwhile, an old enemy prepares his next attack.

yeah, that’s the first year.

I want the Vortixx, Skakdi, Vorox, and some other species get more spotlight. More evil Toa (Ahkmou and Gavla would be likely to join an evil Toa team). I’d like to see the preexisting villains be used.

Year 1: Toa Nuva vs Marendar and his Defenders vs an unknown threat controlling the Skull Spiders. Marendar is defeated, but not killed.

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My theory is that it’s a reboot starting from 2001, but with Skull Spiders (aka. Evil Fikou) instead of normal Rahi. The Skull Spiders uncover some freaky item from the past, which leads the Toa Mata (who are the only Toa) on an entirely different adventure, until everyone discovers that they all are in the Red Star thousands of years after the Reformation.

Vultraz could work too.

Vultraz is stuck in another dimension. Mazeka left him there in exchange for the other Teridax

Oops, forgot.

All I want (if it is a reboot) is one thing. The best Bionicle Villains created… THE BOHROK.

Yes, please. The Bohrok were great. They playability in the sets with the krana launching was a nice touch, and yeah that probably wouldn’t return, but the basic idea of the krana is just cool.

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How would a Bohrok be made with CCBS that retains all of the old one’s functions?

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By using a new torso piece/custom torso.

And there appears to be a possibility that the Defenders are using multi-piece torsos so…

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