2015 Catalog

Someone on the Bionicle Subreddit has reportedly seen the 2015 catalog. They are holding an AMA currently on the reddit, so here's the link : http://www.reddit.com/r/bioniclelego/comments/2hmuf9/i_just_saw_the_bionicle_pages_on_the_2015/


Ah yes, this person. He's on another forum I'm a part of and he's talking about the possibility of getting pictures of it on Monday.

I think he's telling the truth.

Interesting. Also, look at this answer: "Baddy's name is Tetroxias, the Lord of Skull Spiders. The Skull Krata are his minions, they're a genetic offshoot of the Bohrok."
What is it with BIONICLE and bad guy names with T and X?


Heh. scroll down a little on that reply

Tetroxias.. That name creeps in my soul.

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