2015 gali with a weird skull spider arm

I was bored so I changed gali a bit.


That’s, quite the arm…

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Cool, I guess?


looks very hordika mutation typey i like it good job! :smiley:

Well this is an interesting MOC.

Its really good though

If you duplicated the arm and made those into a moc it would amazing and this moc is also amazing

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Is that a lightning blade? Not a good weapon for a toa of water.

@Vicroen I would but a lot of my parts are packed away in boxes just now.
@Sciencegiraffe I made the arm so that It was the opposite of its users element.

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Looks weird. I like it.

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huh. strange…

I love it.

I guess you can say she’s…
-puts on sunglasses-
Armed and dangerous.

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