2015 Kakama

I was re-listening to the 152 podcast and they talked about the 2015 Kakama. Not everyone liked it :/. In my opinion it's one of my favourites because it does something for me, that all the masks haven't done. I think it's an improvement over the 2001 kanohi. I Know a lot of people will get annoyed at me for this but hear me out...

The Gen 1 Kakama looks sort of bug-ish to me. I think the main reason for that is humans and other predators have eyes at the front of their faces so that they can carry out their predator-y shenanigans. All the Toa had eyes at the front of their faces. 2001's Kakama had eyes that stretched across to the sides of it's mask, like a goldfish or something. My main gripe with the 01 mask. All about dem eyes.

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Agreed, i prefer the Gen 2 Kakama of the Gen 1 Kakama


@cowardlyzebra For what reasons?

Because the G1 versions is just awkwardly proportioned, the Gen 2 one looks so much better

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Well is it now your favorite or only in your opinion ? wink

I can't agree with you on the 2001 Kakama. The streched eyes don't bother me at all and it also doen't seem awkwardly proportioned to me either.
I also can't say that the new one looks better because.. I don't want to compare them.
The old kanohi have fit the style of 2001 perfectly and the new fit the CCBS style.. so to me there is no reason to prefer anything of the new BIONICLe line over the old and the other way around but that's just my way of thinking.


I believe it's not called a Kakama in G2, the masks, aren't called kanohi anymore!

@MakutaKirakh Fair enough. It's not my favourite. I honestly don't like any of the new sets enough for them to be my favourite. I just think this makes Pohatu stand out, because to me they actually improved the design of his Kanohi. I don't think any of the other Toa got improved masks. I looked at the concept art and some of those masks looked really promising. Shame they didn't just use those instead of developing further.

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At least not by LEGO.. to me it will always be a Kakama and to a lot of other fans too.

@coolio Lol Bionicles not even Bionicle anymore!!! jks. No, I think it's fine that they're not called ''Kanohi'' or that the masks don't have names. It makes it easier for the kids to understand them. Let's remember that these are actually for young children. I'd rather Bionicle be simple and successful, than be complicated and suffer.

I don't think it would suffer that much because the fanbase of the "old days" isn't that small but.. yeah I also think it was better for the success of BIONICLE that LEGO took all those things out.. but I repeat in my opinion it was only better for the success.

Personally, I like the look of both the G1 Kakama and the G2 Mask of Stone, as both strive to fit the characters they are worn upon perfectly.

The G1 Kakama did an effective job at having a very aerodynamic appearance with its swept back, elongated eyes and the vents running along the cheeks and forehead. All this fit well for the sleek and agile looking Pohatu Mata, in my opinion

The G2 mask also carries the vents from the original, so there is still some sense of aerodynamics, though it's blunt and serious look seems to fit more with G2 Pohatu's more rugged and stout appearance.

In the end, I personally don't think either the G1 Kakama is superior to the G2 Kakama, nor the other way around.

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@MakutaKirakh Definetly not! This fan base is not big enough to support this franchise alone. If it wasn't for adults buying these sets for their children, we wouldn't have gotten the spooky scary skeleton summer sets.

I see both as two entirely different masks for two different Toa. One is for a more brutish, stern character, while the other is for a more neutral character.

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https://youtu.be/q6-ZGAGcJrk they so spooky

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@Conduitt But remember the old days. "Sigh" I feel like Bionicle being too simple will lose it's taste.