2015 winter Skull sets not in appearing in Canada?

Hey guys, kind of a weird question, but have any of you seen the Skull villain sets from the end of this year within Canada? I was at a walmart a few weeks ago in the Lego aisles, and I didn't see a thing for those sets, not even any tags, only Bionicle sets I saw were just a couple of Pohatu's nobody bought, would it just be that store or what? 0.e

I might not be from Canada, but I know a few Canadians on the Boards who have their Summer sets.

I've seen plenty of them at Mastermind Toys.

Huh, strange, I suppose it might have just been that store then. Kinda sucks because the nearest store like that is a 5-6 HOUR drive from where I live, so I only get to go there in a blue moon, and even then when I do go, most of the time they don't have any sets I'm looking for, messes with my collecting heavily -_-


I see them everywhere.

Depends how far north you live in Canada, but I understand if you don't want to disclose that info.

I live near Toronto, which is pretty urban, so getting the Skullies is no biggie. It may be just a case of understocking and/or them being so popular that they sell out. Happened to some select smaller stores in my area that don't predominately sell toys

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Eh, I'm a Newfie myself, so I'm pretty north Canada wise, but I think you are right about understocking, I knew they weren't on sale there because they had no bar code tags and such, kinda sucks, looks like I'll have to order the other protectors and the Skulls from the Lego store before they disappear on me

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had to order mine online.

my walmart still has protectors,
it's only ever had protectors.


Nah, I got all my T̶o̶a̶ Masters from walmart, I only have the water and earth protectors though, which is gonna bug the crap out of me because I know for fact I'm not gonna get out of town again this year to get them, so looks like I'll be ordering them online aswell

My Walmart has been the opposite, with only ever having the larger Toa and little to no Protectors.

I seem to be pretty lucky because I have a Lego store pretty close by to get my sets from =p