2016 Beast inspiration?

so I was reading about the game Monster Hunter games, when I found this creature, Brachydios

what do you think?


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may I suggest we change this to possible beast inspiration? The other two beasts might also have inspirations for their build


Hey I know WHO Brachydios is, His a real... PAIN in the rear end. Also I am now offended by QB even more so now. Because A Bionicle Brachydios would've been awesome, but instead we get the cancer of the earth.


I didn't really think of that when I first saw him, but now that you point it out...

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I can see a resemblance, but it appears to be missing the overly bulky arm and the side wards gearbox and red and blue pins.


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Brachy is easy, made his weapon and everything in a few hours


LB could be this


Or this

IDK, LB appears to have wing things...I'd like to think he's either a vague and corrupt phoenix or atleast some lizard or reptilian thing, modern or prehistoric

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Hence the first pick of rathalos

What game did you fight him, Cause in 3 he was so unbalanced that the developers nerf him in 4, that what I heard any way. I haven't had the chance to fight him in 4 yet though.

Thank for making me want LB to have a massive spiked tail.

# /s Why Lego why can't you get it right.

Fought him in both, in 4 he is a bit easier but Raging Brachy is even harder than he was in 3u (still easy though). I'd like to play online with you in monster hunter, would be cool

You're most certainly welcome. He did have a tail...but SB stole it :wink:

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You are the most MLG Monster hunter I have ever known. Ever one that I know (that has play the game) has had some sort of bad time fighting him.

I would love to play online with you as well but My 3DS broke about a year ago, right around the time we kind of started to have problems with money. So I haven't been able to replace it.

Curse you SB. I now have to buy two LB (which in all honestly I don't mind at all) So I can make him bigger and give him a tail.
Huh I wonder if theirs a monster that kind of resembles SB?

I wonder...

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sorry to hear that, hope you can replace it soon.

I ain't that great at Monster Hunter, watch YouTube vids (some guys are crazily good)

Possibly, Velocidrome is high. Drugs are now Canon in g2 :slight_smile:

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They are? I'm sorry I'm not to caught up on the G2 story or lore.

Yeah same here. But I love the game so much, I love challenges.

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If SB is a velocidrome, absolutely

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Yeah your 100% right on that. You know SB kind of looks high now that I look at him.

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I hate dromes in general. Now I understand Lego's plan, I hate dromes (as does everyone who plays mh), therefore I automatically hate SB. Very sneaky and crafty Lego.

SB does, especially in @BlueCel's drawings funnily enough

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It's possible that the creatures are based on HF IFB's beasts. And the IFB beasts were clearly based on Pacific Rim. And Pacific Rim was clearly based on Evangelion. And Evangelion was clearly based on... blah blah....blah, blah, blah...blah.