2017 Moc Family Photo

If you hate color blocking, the inika build, and/or painted pieces, you’ll probably hate this post.

I wanted to show off all my mocs and just decided to take a family photo of them. Some of you may know that I have an established “universe” in which my bionicles live in. My bionicle characters are just a medium I use to tell the story of the characters in my story. I’m just going to post the photos and if you have any questions or comments I’ll be happy to address them. Please note that some of these mocs are 7 years+ old and have been revamped several times. Also i’ll try to keep the descriptions of each photo very brief. My photo taking and editing skills suck so please bear with me. If this post somehow offends you it was not my intention and I’m sorry in advance lol. Well, here we go. Also, I know the mocs are very identical, I’m too lazy to find a new way to moc lol.

The Gang

The House of Wolves (My Selfmoc’s team. They’re all fiercely loyal to each other and would give up their lives to save each other)

Jupiter War Mech (My Self Moc’s Exo Suit)

The head design is 10% designed by me

Cayde (My self moc and the leader of the House of Wolves. )

“Alice” (the quotations mean that the name is a place holder until i can find a better name. She’s Cayde’s best friend and the most lethal character in this universe.)

Catherine (a sharpshooter who joined Cayde’s group to kill the slavers who raided her home planet.)

“William” (Cayde’s childhood friend and the tactician of the group. Also the oldest in the group)

“Fred” (The funny guy who’s always cracking jokes to lighten the mood. He’s also Jay’s twin brother.)

Jay (The silent assassin who is an expert at camouflage and blending in with crowds.)

Koji (The ace pilot in the group and also the youngest. He’s easily scared but very courageous.)

Warren (The menacing interrogator and also the worst shot, hence the shotguns and grenade launchers. Although he is the worst shot that does not mean he is a bad shot, 79% of the shots he takes actually hits his target.)

Jax and his partner Lexa

Close Up

Jax (my original self moc who i revamped 3 times last year. I kind of drew inspiration from Boba Fett for his design. He’s from the same planet as Cayde and Alice, but he’s 6 years younger than them. He’s known as a War Hero who was able to survive being stranded on an enemy planet. He then became a special agent equivalent to that of Spectres from “Mass Effect” )

Lexa (one of the previous topics on the message boards. I rewrote her as one of the species found on Jax’s homeworld Io. She’s Jax’ hunting partner. She was found by Cayde when her parents were killed by poachers.)

“Desert Kings” (a militia group who took care of Jax while he was stranded on the desert moon Calipso)

Sahim (leader of the Desert Kings. An old veteran who detests the war between his planet and Jax’.)

Hideki (Sahim’s best friend and also an old veteran with Sahim’s ideals)

Hernandez (a refugee who was taken in by Sahim’s village and later joined the Desert Kings)

Juarez (an orphan adopted by Hernandez’s family)

The Monarchs (A Special Task Force led by the Legendary Super Soldier known as Shiroyasha. I intended this team to be the stereotypical good guys who try and solve every problem)

Jack Miyagi (Shiroyasha. He’s kind of the stereotypical white knight like Paragon Shepard or Good Hawke. He’s also Alice’s half brother.)

Dilpreet (Jack’s second in command and Ana’s Older sister. She joined the army to find purpose in her life.)

Thom (Also known as “Two Shot Thom” or “TST” pronounced as (Testy). The oldest of the group and a father of 2. He’s reluctant to following orders, but will do whatever it takes to ensure his teammates survive each mission.)

Ana (a prominent mechanical engineer who became a vigilante after she was tired of how the local police deal with crime. She was then recruited by Jack and her older sister to ensure that she stays protected and so that she could create new military technology for the team. her exo-suit is heavily based on my overwatch main Pharah)

Ana without her raptora armour

Merchants of Death (The House of Wolves’ Rival group)

Priyanka (Leader of the Merchants of Death and usually steals Cayde’s bounties.)

Haruna (Priyanka’s girlfriend and the team’s sharpshooter. She owns one of the legendary sniper rifles made during the golden age.)

Dendera (The Merchants of Death’s Muscle “Man” who follows every order without question)

Parvati (The team’s medic and tactician. she’s responsible making sure every operation goes smoothly.)

HeadHunters (two man death squads sent by “James” (Main Antagonist of my story) to take out high value targets that threaten his operations. This team is composed of Jame’s daughter Hunter (who is also Jack and Alice’s half sister) and Avery (Hunter’s closest ally)

Hunter (A Lethal assassin whose skills are rarely matched, she’s been indoctrinated by James into believing his cause and will do whatever it takes to complete her mission)

Avery (an orphan who was kidnapped by James at a young age to be Hunter’s partner. She has resisted James indoctrination. The only reason she follows James’ orders is because of her love for Hunter.)


This… This is awesome. I really want to know how you made all those technic guns.


Dude you should make them separate topics but theyre pretty cool


@Zero Yeah for sure, I’ll probably create a topic in the near future showcasing all the bionicle guns/gear (guns, holsters, headgear, grenades, etc) I have right now and a closer look at how they’re built.

@Tobin-Bartram Totally, but because I’m lazy, I only have my sights on creating two more moc topics right now. One on my bionicle guns because I have over a dozen of them and some of them aren’t even in this topic. And one on my Jupiter War Mech because it has different combat modes/weapons and because I REALLY want it to be in Ven’s Moc Spotlight.


this is some nice stuff fam :ok_hand:


These guns are phenomenal, and really make each of these unique. Splendid job!

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@HewksDKowlihad Thanks, that really means a lot. I know how much the bionicle community hates the inika build, which makes me feel like an amateur moccer since I rely so heavily on them.

@king328 Thanks, most of them follow the same formula for the type of firearm they are. If you look closely all the guns start to look the same, to me at least lol. Very rarely will i make a firearm that has a truly unique look.


I didn’t really notice any Inika builds, mostly because I wasn’t looking for them, but I did notice those black Av-Matoran-build-torsos, with their very noticable shoulder joints. Those, the fact that all of them weild guns (just a personal thing) and that so many of them are related to each other (again, a personal thing) are the only cons I can find about the MOCs you showcased here. I like the complexity in many of their builds, and wouldn’t say that you’re an amateur MOCer just because you use the Inika build so much. It’s a reasonable thing to use when making MOCs in a certain size range.