2019: The Golden Age of Heroes (RP Topic)

Location: ???..
The Gamemaster sat in his office. It was sort of a small museum, filled with bizarre artifacts from over his “career”. The objects ranged from a cursed mummy wearing an Ankh amulet, to the skull of a slain monster. Newspapers were framed on his wall, with headlines like “GAMEMASTER A TERRORIST, DESTROYS ARENA” and “TWO FOUND DEAD IN ARENA RUINS, GAMEMASTER BELIEVED TO BE THE CAUSE”. It had been about a year since that incident, and the Gamemaster had to go into hiding, now that the world knew who he really was. The gamemaster knew that there were a lot of people in this world who had the power to imprison, even kill him. But, he also knew that there were those who had the power to advance his plans…

A woman awoke, finding herself wrapped in chains and dangling above a pool of sharks. The gamemaster walked up to the podium above her. “Welcome, esteemed guest. I am so glad to have you participate in my humble game!” he exclaimed.
“Where am I?! Let me go, you psycho!” the woman responded.
“What was that? you want me to make it harder? Very well…” The Gamemaster said, flipping a switch.
As the woman was lowered into the pool, the Gamemaster’s phone suddenly rang.

“We’ll have to pick this up later…” the Gamemaster said to the woman as he shut down the machine.
“Gamemaster speaking!” he enthusiastically said as he answered the phone.
Hello, I have finished compiling the list of candidates. I will be sending the list to you now” said a voice on the other line.
“Thank you very much” said the gamemaster.
Out of curiosity, what do you plan to do with this information?” the voice asked. “That is none of your concern.” The Gamemaster suddenly snapped defensively, as he hung up. Seconds later, he received the list of contacts, just as promised. The gamemaster smiled at his phone screen. He then rose from his chair, balancing himself on his cane as he did so.

The Gamemaster was coming to town.

Location: Brantwood, Michingan. AKA "The City of Heroes…

We now peer into the lives of the citizens of the City…


The calm fall morning is interrupted by a splash as a portal unceremoniously dumps Kacie Bain into a local pond. Bystanders gather around, calling out to each other with questions and speculation. A collective gasp comes from the crowd as Kacie rises from the pond, hovering above its surface. She looks around, wringing water from her hair.

“Dangit, where are you,” she mutters. “Hey, anyone seen a robot walking around? Silver and black, glowing red eyes, creepy smile?” She’s met with only silence. “I’ll take that as a no. Where am I, anyways?”

“Brantwood?” someone volunteers after a moment.

“Brantwood… Brantwood Nebraska?”

“Does this look like Nebraska to you?” another bystander grumbles. “You’re in Michigan, ya idiot.”

“Hey, hey, no need to be hostile,” Kacie replies, raising her hands defensively. “It’s been a while since I’ve been to Michigan…” She trails off, the sound of sirens catching her attention. “Look, as much as I’d love to stay, I have places to be. You know how it is. So, uh, I’ll be going now.” She leans forward, flying off to the nearest rooftop. The police arrive not long after, followed quickly by various media outlets. It isn’t long before word of Brantwood’s mysterious flying girl spreads.

Not that Kacie is aware of any of this. She skips about from rooftop to rooftop, letting the sun and the air dry her clothes. For the time being she tries not to worry too much about anything, simply enjoying the sensation of dashing about the city’s skyline.

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Aly Cortez sat in her room, writing in a notebook. Every once in a while she would glance at a math textbook sitting in front of her.

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Freddy stood in front of a blank wall, his eyes closed and his thumb hovering over the play button on his phone. He wasn’t sure how this next song would affect him, which is why he had taken the time to get permission to do anything he wanted to this wall. Tensing up a bit, Freddy pressed play on Fall Out Boy’s Immortal… and relaxed immediately afterward. This song seemed to be just fine, despite being so close to the line between Chill and Moody. Grabbing a couple spray cans from his bag, he rose into the air and started his work.

Inside the Brantwood Police Department, Brian sat in the interrogation room. As he finished plucking out the last few notes of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Brian turned away from the out of place grand piano to the whimpering suspect sitting at the table.
“Is there anything else you’d like to say before we finish this up?”
His suspect continued whimpering. Brian sighed as he walked over to his cowering suspect’s chair and grabbed his jacket and looked up at the security camera in the corner of the room.
“Sorry, it’s another dead end.”
Brian walked out of the building and into the parking lot.


Kay sat on a park bench reading a book on one of the legends about Atlantis. He had been going through these legends trying to determine what was historical fact, seeing as Atlantean Relics were found in 2014 and that they confirmed that the Atlantis Empire had existed. He decided that his career would be one studying these ancient relics.

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Aly sighed and flipped her math book closed. She put her school stuff away and stretched.
“Finally. Got all that done.”

Sadie giggled, licking the blood off her knife as she finished, having left some guy trying to mug her limbless for dead with all his severed limbs shoved up every hole or opening the body had. She exited the alley, heading down the street as her phone rang “oh hey sexy. I’ll be right home. And sorry about work tommorow; at least you already know who the killer is.”.

Aqua laughed, cooking them both a nice dinner “what’d you do this time sadie?” She asked, giggling. She was happy to have rescued her now girlfriend but Sadie never did get past the whole mass murder thing. By now aqua didn’t even have to act calm since she had been desensitized to all forms of violence.

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In the seedier side of town, some thugs were hanging out in a dark secluded alleyway, doing…well you know…thug stuff.
Suddenly, the distinct clicking sound of a cane striking the ground echoed throughout the alley. The thugs all looked around in confusion, the clicking growing louder as it approached closer.
Suddenly, the figure of the Gamemaster rounded the corner. The thugs snickered and laughed amongst themselves for a few seconds. “Well, I didn’t know the circus was in town!” one of the thugs remarked, opening a Switchblade and pointing it at The Gamemaster.
The Gamemaster simply chuckled out loud.
“Indeed it is.” he said, as a razor-sharp blade was ejected from the tip of his cane.
“And this is the opening act!”
The thugs were barely able to react, before The Gamemaster hacked them all apart, making quick work of them.
When all was said and done, The Gamemaster brushed away the blood from his suit, continuing on his way.

Meanwhile, as if stirred awake by the disturbance, a figure bursted up in his bed. He had awoken from a nightmare, just like he had every single day in the past year. His head was pounding, his shaking body was soaked in coldsweat and his mouth was as dry as cotton. He reached for a nearby half-empty glass of bourban, finishing it off as he then smashed the glass on the ground. Looking at him, it would be hard to believe that this man had once been Mark Mcneil.

What had once been a scrawny, puny figure, was now a hulking monstrous beast. Mark’s muscles were rapidly expanded to such a point, that they challenged the limit of his skin’s elasticity. He was threatening to tear and burst at the seams of his stitches and staples, which barely held together his body which consisted of parts that didn’t even belong to him.
But the traumatising, scarring experience he had with The Gamemaster was far from the worst part of it. No, what was the worst was the effects of what The Gamemaster had done to him. A monstrous beast, an entirely separate entity from Mark, lived within him. And Mark never knew when this monster could burst out from him and wreak havoc on the world, now what cused such outbursts to happen.
And, to top it all off, Mark was totally, completely alone. He was on an alien planet full of beings who may have appeared similar, but were of an entirely different culture altogether. Mark had come here in pursuit of The Gamemaster about 6 months ago, attemoting to track him down and exact his revenge. But to no avail. After the Gamemaster’s trail went cold and no more clues could be yeilded, the full reality of his situation hit him: he was stranded on this planet. Mark tried to blend in as best as he could with Earth’s inhabitants, and surprisingly with some success. But he knew that every time he stepped foot outside of the dingy motel he called “home”, he ran the risk of being exposed for who/what he really was.
Sighing from exhaustion, Mark stepped up to the window of his Motel room, peering outside to observe the various activities occuring in the city…

Sadie exited the downstairs room of a motel from the window, the woman who had the room hanging in the closet “aw. I was looking forward to filling her living body with the gold she loved. Well at least it’ll make aquas job easier.” Sadie laughed, not noticing someone in the updtairs window.

Aqua walked through the park on her way home, sitting on a bench near some guy reading a book “hey.” She smiled, resting as she put her bags down.

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Oh. Ok. Is mark not going to notice her?

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Cellulitis strolled through and alleyway, behind him was a bleeding man in a tuxedo, the man in the tuxedo had been abusing some person on the streets and he had take care of that. That man had… maybe a week left to live. He was going to experience what could be called the worst pain in his life as his body would inflame and become a bright red. It would feel like his body was on fire, starting small before it covered most his body and his body would likely then fail and he would die.

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IC: Kay takes his eyes off his book about the old Atlantis Empire and sees a person. He greets her, “Morning… I think it’s still morning.”
Kay closes his book putting a bookmark in where he left off.

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“What? All night study session?” Aqua laughed,

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Kay chuckles,
“No, I just wake fairly early to enjoy the outdoors and I find it makes a good place to make study of my favorite subject.”

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“Cool. What subject?” Aqua asked, smiling.

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“I’m a huge fan for archaeology with the whole 2014 find and everything.” Kay comments, “Personally I want to figure out our the atlantis artifact works. I’ve always wondered what the Atlantean machines might do, so far we have no real idea to what the machines did, it’s a miracle that the scraps we have survived so long.”

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“Oh yeah. It’s pretty fascinated to find out it exists. Sometime I would always want to actually visit the ruins.” Aqua smiled, able to breath underwater though she hadn’t tried that yet.

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