2019: The Golden Age of Heroes (RP Topic)

Mark hesitated to answer.
“…How can I be sure that you’re trustworthy?” he said, still a bit reluctant and suspicious.

“Do you think this trap will work?” Pierce asked Sadie, meanwhile.

“Don’t worry. Either she’s wrong and you just let me go or otherwise it Works. I’m more worried about you people if aquas right.” Sadie smiled.

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“Hopefully you’re correct.” Pierce said to Sadie.
Suddenly, without warning the lights in the prison had cut out.
“Something is wrong.” Pierce immediately said, becoming apprehensive.

Unlock my cell just in case." Sadie told him, not planning to fight if it was her father coming for her.

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Pierce nodded, opening the cell for Sadie.

“Because I’m not making you trust me”
Brian pull his flute out of his coat for Mark to see.
“Now, do we have a deal?”

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Mark exhaled deeply.

“…Very well. So what will our course of action be?” He asked Brian.

In the darkness, Pierce suddenly heard footsteps begin to approach them.
“Careful. Someone else is in here with us.” Pierce whispered to Sadie.

She prepared to defend herself, able to see clearly due to her shadow abilities “hello! Who’s there?”

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From within the darkness, a blade shot out, heading right towards Sadie.

Sadie knocked it away, looking around “just come out. I know you’re there.” She already had a good idea aqua was right.

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“Ah, still as perceptive as ever, my dear daughter.” A voice came from the shadows. In the darkness, Pierce could make out the silhouette of a man in a tophat, brandishing a cane. His eyes shone yellow in the dark, piercing the blackness.

“Hello, Sadie.”

“What do you want? I’d think you’d know better then anyone I don’t need any help.” She calmed down a bit, still on edge just incase.

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“That may be so, but you see it is I who needs your help.” The Gamemaster replied to Sadie.
Pierce attempted to shoot The Gamemaster, but he swiftly knocked him unconscious with his cane.

Even if I wanted to why would I help you? I’d think you wouldn’t need my help." She told him “I’m not even as good as you.”

“Well, do you know where your little girlfriend is right now?” The Gamemaster asked with a devious grin.

Meanwhile, Brian would find that Aqua was suddenly gone, as if she just disappeared.

(Unless brian knew but didn’t do anything she secretly followed him.)

"If you did anything to her I will make you regret ever being born. I’d think you’d be happy after being rescued I’m still the monster you made me. I’m dating a cop yet I’m still no less sadistic then you made me. " Sadie tried to stay calm, not wanting to cause any issues yet.

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“Of course I am proud.” The Gamemaster said, pacing through the room.
“Which is why I require your help. If you cooperate, then I assume you that no harm shall come upon your lover.”

“Where is she? What have you done?” She glared at him.

I’m just going to guess this is dead. Can’t say I’m surprised.

Only cause I got bored with it.