2019: The Golden Age of Heroes (RP Topic)

“The current theory ties in with underground continents. The relic they found was under the ice sheet in Antarctica, and scientists have been trying to figure out how it even got there. Basically, they believe that a there’s this underground continent that shifted the landmass, seeing as the continent is barely bigger the just the mainland of the US it’s not hard to believe that it was a land bridge in-between South America and Africa…”

Kay pauses, “Sorry if I bore you. There is a bit more to this theory that talks about the Atlantic Ridge and a possible underground continent that’s underneath Antarctica.”

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It’s ok. I find it interesting as well." She smiled “I’m aqua. Maybe I’ll see you around sometime.” She got up, smiling.

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Kay waves goodbye,
“See you later Aqua, you can call me Kay.”
He turns back to his book and grabs a notepad where he wrote down his findings.

Cellulitis puts gloves over his bloodied hands and sheathes his hunting knife. He makes his way further into the alley way. He looks at a homeless man and hands him the bleeding man’s wallet.

After that Cellulitis disappears into the city streets.

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Aly Cortez hummed a jingly tune to herself as she exited her house where she lived with her mother.
She walked down the sidewalk, quieting the humming so as to not attract attention.

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Brian entered his apartment and threw his coat over a chair with a sigh.
“What a day…”
All of his leads had gone nowhere so far. There was seemingly no correlation between any of the victims, other than that the corpses are all horribly mutilated and were rather unpleasant in life. At least Brian knew now where the killer wasn’t. He poured over his notes one more time to see if he could find anything he missed.

OOC: would Brian be able to find anything that hints at where Sadie is?


Oc; I was thinking he just meets her and aqua first not knowing who Sadie is.

Aqua knocked on brians apartment door, Figring she’d meet her new partner on the case.

Mark’s eyes narrowed with suspicion as he observed Sadie and her words.
“If that isn’t fishy, I don’t know what is…” he mumbled to himself as he began getting ready. He washed and wiped his face, equipped his gear and took one last swig of the Scotch as he headed out the door to silently trail Sadie.


A small group of several bullies walked up to Aly.
“Well well well, if it isn’t Aly The Freak!” the leader of the group said, laughing.

Sadie did some grocery shopping, noticing him a few times out of the corner of her eye. As soon as she was sure he was following her she ducked into an alley shortcut using the shadows to get behind him “hey. You know this is stalking right?”

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Adam walks back home to his cheap apartment, it had only two rooms a all in one bathroom, living room, kitchen and a bathroom on the side with a closet. He tosses his bag onto his bed and enters the bathroom, undressing himself before jumping into the shower. He cleaned himself of any blood that was on him and changes into a fresh set of clothes.

Kay continues to write notes furiously into his notepad, going over the current evidence for Atlantis and how it ended up where it is.

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Aly ignored them, tugging her hood over her face.

Brian gets up and answers the door.
“Can I help you?”

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Ah yes. My name I aqua, detective. I understand you’ll be my new partner on this shade case?" She smiled. “Sorry if this is random but I like to meet my partners outside of work first. Makes the first day less awkward.”

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Mark, realizing that Sadie was into him, quickly dove behind a trash can in the alley. He hid with nervous anticipation, hoping he hadn’t been spotted by her.

“Relax. I’m not going to hurt you.” She laughed, knocking over the trash can he was in, smiling at him sweetly,

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“Well, I’m Brian and I hope we can work well together. Is there anything else you needed?”

Freddy finishes up his work and exits the alleyway, leaving it full of brightly colored lights. He sees that something might be up with the group of kids standing around a girl with her hood up and start following them.

“Well actually I thought we could convene on the case if youd like to. Get on the same page.” Aqua smiled kindly “may I come in?”

Kacie lingers nearby. The tone of the bullies had caught her attention, and now she watches the scene play out from a nearby street corner.

Adam walks over to a small desk with a laptop. He opens it up and plugs in a thumb drive. He opens a file and begins reading through the dry information.

Kay stops leaving his theories there. He decides that it might do him some good to get a meal. He heads off to go to the general market in the city.

Hawk walks down the city streets. He has a focused complexion as he walks by.


Mark jumped up, pulling out his sword ant pointing it to Sadie’s chest as he backed away.
“Stay there! Don’t come any closer!” He said cautiously, the tip of his blade poking Sadie’s chest.

“Oh what’s the matter? Is awey bein a shy baybie?” The bully said in a mocking baby voice.

Aly suddenly flipped her hood back, staring back at the bully…
with his own face.

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