2019: The Golden Age of Heroes (RP Topic)

“You know I could scream right now and get you more attention then you want. I just want to know why you’re stalking an innocent girl.” Sadie smiled, knowing no one would believe him even if she couldn’t convince him. “Though nice sword. Almost like a knight,” she laughed, running her fingers along the blade,

“I’d rather do this at work tomorrow, but I guess it’d save some time if we shared our info right now. Come on in.” Brian shows her inside.
“Although I haven’t got much to go on, so I’m not sure how much we can learn from each other.”

About the same here. All I can gather is that they seem to be pretty strong since the killer uses the stuff around them. I haven’t seen any large saw machines or anything you’d think they’d need for it." Aqua told him, checking his files
“I also think it’s possible we aren’t looking for a Human. Along with a lack of machines suggesting they don’t need anything I haven’t found any weapons at the scenes.” She sat down next to him at the table.

Adam gets up and grabs a cup of coffee searching through the files. He reads through and goes to a journal, in it a list of names were written. Adam goes through the file and adds names to the list, crossing out a few of them as he went. After he finished his coffee and got what information he could get out of the thumb drive he wiped the information and destroyed the thumb drive. Afterwards he got his bloodied clothes and soaked them in a solution while masking the scent with several air-fresheners.

Kay enters the general market area and walks around looking for something delicious to eat.

Hawk continues down a street between turning suddenly and entering a building. He takes the shortest path and gets onto the roof of the building. He was stalking his target.

Mark tightened the grip on his sword.
“You call yourself ‘innocent’? I’ve overheard everything you have done in the past few weeks, and i’m certain that you are far from innocent. I believe the question that should be answered here is, why are you commiting random murders?”

The bullies shrieked with terror, running away from Aly as fast as they could.

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Aly’s face flicked back to a faceless grey visage, and then back to her own face.
She sighed and flipped her hood back up, turning and continuing on her way.

“Do I need a reason?” Sadie smiled removing her jacket a bit, slightly cutting her top “help! Some pervert is robbing me and forcing me to strip against my will!” Sadie screamed, backing away as she looked terrified, her top half off already knowing this looked horrible for him as she heard footsteps from the street.

Mark began panicking. The last thing he needed was to be discovered.
He raised his finger to his lips as he tried to shush Sadie.

“Okay okay, i’ll back off! Just shut up!” Mark said as he waved his hands around. He sheathed his sword and backed away slightly.

“Now, can you just at least tell me what you’re after?”

“Just having some fun.” Sadie laughed, putting her jacket back on “though I will say I wasn’t always like this.” She looked sad for a second before smiling again “anyways I’m sure I’ll see you around.” She turned to leave.

Mark turned around and took off running in the opposite direction of Sadie. He quickly disappeared through the alley before he could be discovered by anywone else.
Soon, Mark slipped back into his Mostel room through the window. He gasped for breath as he slid down the wall to the floor, having not stopped running the entire time.
Hell of a girl… Mark thought to himself, as he reflected on what had happened.

Meanwhile, Detective Robert Pierce sat in his offivce at the local police station. He poured over evidence andm photos taken from recent crime scenes. Most if not all of these murders, appeared to be linked to one being. A figure whom the press had dubbed “Shade”.
The link between the murders is that there were none at all. Shade, whoever they were, killed quickly and left behind no forensic evidenceor witnesses. No visual dexcription, nt even their gender, had been identified yet. And what was worse was that no one seemed to care about this case. But Pierce did, and he was determined to track down this killer.

“If only it were that easy. I’ve dealt with enough cases like this one to know that our killer is more likely a superhuman, and the issue is that I might be the only one in town who can come close to their level. Although… no, that wouldn’t work.”

What do you mean at its level? From the very little footage this shade seems very strong. I mean I’d require at least a giant saw to even come close to producing the same and I’m superhuman as well." Aqua asked.

“What I mean is you need powers to beat someone with powers. I didn’t know you had abilities until now, so that helps our chances a bit. But from what it sounds like, neither of us are too great in a fight. I’n saying that our chances are low, but it won’t be impossible.”

Seeing that the issue with the bullies has resolved itself, Freddy continues down the street toward his apartment.

Aly walked to the park and plopped down on a bench.
She leaned her head back and sighed, then bent forwards.
“Stupid bullies.” She muttered as she began to silently cry.
“I can’t help it. I didn’t ask to be born this way…”

Someone nearby might hear her sniffling.

Freddy heads over to Aly’s bench.
“Hey, I saw what happened just now. I was going to try and help but you took care of it before I got there. Are you alright?”

Aly looked up at Freddy.
“Y-yeah. I’m alright.” She wiped away a tear.
“I just… have some problems.” She sighed.

“Everyone’s got problems. All that matters is whether or not we admit to having them.”
Freddy sticks out a hand.
“I’m Freddy. What’s your name?”

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“Well I’m not much of a fighter really. In fact you could compare mine to a cartoon,” aqua laughed, taking her laptop out of her purse even though there was no way it’d fit in there. Bringing up her notes.

Sadie smiled, leaving out the window with some high school bullies face, leaving the corps on the bed to be found, stopping by his gang friends place to drop off the face, gloves, and knife.

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Aly shakes Freddy’s hand. “I’m Aly.”

“Well, we’ll never get to see how well we can fight them until we find them. Have you noticed anything that could hint at where this killer is?”

“What happened back there?”