2019: The Golden Age of Heroes (RP Topic)

Kacie raises an eyebrow, unconsciously touching her own face. “You know, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone turn into me yet. It’s a weird experience. Can you only copy people you’re looking at? What about people you aren’t looking at? Fictional characters? Cartoons?” She tilts her head, tapping one finger against her lips.

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“Anyone. Even people I come up with myself. As long as I know what they look like.”

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“Oh really… can you change just your hair, or your eyes? Why do you like copying people if you can be anything? Have you ever thought about using it to sneak into somewhere?” Kacie begins gesturing, animatedly punctuating each question with her hands.

“I can change my whole body, or any individual parts I want to.” Aly said quietly.
“…and I copy people because it freaks them out and they leave me alone.”

“Ah.” Kacie nods in understanding. “Well, that’s fair. That being said, I’d appreciate if you stopped looking like me. Unless you’re asking me to leave, in which case there’s no need to be subtle about it.”

OOC: Would copying a person’s appearance also allow her to copy their voice, since the pitch and such would be dependent on their vocal chords and mouth and such?

Aly nodded and changed back to her normal look.

Freddy seemed a little surprised at Aly’s abilities, but managed to keep his cool.
“Well, maybe you wouldn’t hate your power so much if you used it for more than just pushing people away.”

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“Maybe…” Aly said.

Suddenly they would see a man in a trenchcoat and fedora, crouching down on the ground as he sppeared to have examined something.

Hearing footsteps behind him, the man stood up and whipped around, ainimg his gun at Brian and Aqua. It was detective Pierce.

“Jesus, you scared the hell out of me!” Pierce exclaimed.

“What are you doing here? You could have at least said hi first so something bad didn’t happen” aqua told him, putting her gun away.

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“I could ask you both the same thing.” Pierce said, putting his gun away as well.

"Our job. Something seemed off about this scene so we came to check it out."she told him.

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“Me too. There’s just something about this murder that seems…a bit more intricate than Shade’s normal kills.” He said to Aqua.

“Perhaps maybe they’re upping their game.”

That’s what I said. Shade doesn’t seem to use heavy torture or anything this victim suggests. We could be looking at a copycat." Aqua told him,

“It could be likely, but this is nearly identical to Shade’s patterns. In fact I would go as far as to say that this is an even more advanced version of Shade’s original techniques.” Pierce said as he continued to analyze the crime scene.

“True.” She admited, having suspicions about who might’ve done thus “I’m going to call my girlfriend. I think I have an idea who may have done this though I hope I’m wrong.” She told him.

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Pierce raised an eyebrow in slight suspicion, but then turned back around and resumed his work.

Hey babe. You wanted my help?" Sadie walked in, smiling “peirce, Sadie. Sadie this is detective pierce.” Aqua smiling, kissing her girlfriend.

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Pierce nodded, shaking Sadie’s hand.
“Pleasure to meet you.” He said to Sadie.

Pierce’s expression then became more serious.
“Aqua, are you sure it’s safe to bring your girlfriend here? I mean, normally crime scenes are restricted to detectives and law enforcement only.” He said.

"In overly simple terms I rescued her from her abusive father. Remember the gamemaster raid? Aqua told him, leading her to the body as Sadie almost seemed terrified to look at it, hiding behind aqua.

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