2019: The Golden Age of Heroes (RP Topic)

Brian turns to Aqua.
“I have to agree with Pierce here. Unless Sadie can crack this case wide open, I don’t think she should be here.”

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“Well I certainly looks like my fathers work. Unfortunately I can’t give too much information since I haven’t seen him since my rescue.” Sadie spoke up. “I know but if I’m right she is the closest we have.” Aqua told him “it’s a stretch but it’s possible it’s the gamemaster.”

Brian looks rather confused.
“Pardon my ignorance, but I’m not all too familiar with the Gamemaster. What exactly is par for the course with him?”

“Well in short he’s a monster. I’m still alive but before aqua i wished my father woulf just kill me.” Sadie admitted to him
“She’s right Brian he’s the kind of psycho you wish would quickly kill you. Our victi was probably alive for weeks being tortured” Aqua told him, serious.

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Pierce thought hard.

“I highly doubt The Gamemaster could have done this. He has been missing for years, possibly even dead? Why would he suddenly resurface now?” He asked out loud.

Brian was as puzzled as before.
“I dunno, it’s hard to tell with psychopaths. Maybe he’s trying to stay sharp to deal with all the superhumans popping up.”

“Maybe, but it just…doesn’t feel right.” Pierce mumbled.

Out of the corner of his eye, something caught Pierce’s attention.
It appeared to be the semi-living body of a man in a tuxedo.

Pierce scrambled over to the man.
“Sir, are you still alive?! Can you here me?!” He said sternly as he examined the man’s condition.

Kacie shrugs. “Sounds about right to me.”


The man was unconscious, but an id lying on the ground would identify him as part of the police force, he was an investigator sent to check out a suspicion someone had, and now he as like this.
He had a few stab wounds and his hand seemed a bit swollen.

Adam began to formulate his plan, he began his research on the police officer taking in as much as he could, their regular schedule, what days they were at work, as much as he could to see if he could catch the officer off guard. Adam even stalked his personal life via social media to see what he could find to help him take down this officer.

Kay reads through a different book surrounding the Celestials and gets off the bus once he arrives to get to his uni.

The spider leaped forward grabbing onto the target’s clothes. It was a news reporter. The spider bit into the reporter’s hand, leaving behind the tracker. The man shakes his and sending the drone flying out the window and promptly crushed by a car.

But now Hawk had his target on his radar to track him anywhere.

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“Now I’m sure this isn’t shade. A couple of stab wounds I think would be too boring.” Aqua pointed out as Sadie waited in the other room, letting her girlfriend work.

Sadie might notice the swollen hand begin to turn a bright red and the swelling spread up his arm slowly, but the process was very visible.

“I know I shouldn’t be here but I think there’s something wrong with his hand. The swollen one.” Sadie told Brian, seeing something wrong like they were in danger.

Aly sighed and nodded.
“Maybe you’re right. But… sometimes I can’t control it.”

Brian squats down next to the body to get a closer look at the hand.
“Have either of you seen anything like this before?”

“Well that’s not something that can’t be fixed. Although I might not be the best person to go to for help controlling this kind of thing.”


Pierce examined the body closely.
“Not exactly. Though it closely resembles a few other victims that have appeared in our files recently.”

"About the same though I think this isn’t shade. It’s too boring for them and whatever it is with his hand I’ve never seen before. Aqua told them. “I mean he was stabbed; he’d be missing limbs if you were right.”

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"Greeeeaaaat. What was one criminal we needed to track down has turned into three. "
Brian said as he ran his hands though his hair.
“How do we want to do this? Should we split up or take them down one at a time?”

Well I guess if needed maybe we might be able to maybe use his daughter if I’m right and it’s him." Aqua suggested, handcuffing Sadie “you can’t. You know how he is.” Sadie struggled. "Relax baby. You’ll just be playing a role."aqua kissed her.

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Pierce watched the scene.
“This better work.” He mumbled to himself.

“If it doesn’t then we’ll figure it out. If it’s him he’ll find out his daughter is a criminal.” Aqua smiled, cuffing Sadie elbows as well “now take this theif away for questioning, I’ll be down later.” Aqua kissed Sadie before handing her off.

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