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Hey, do you think you could throw a few school bullies at Aly?

Maybe keep them around and they could become a few of sadies victims? Start kinda tying the stories through her killing at first?



okay, sure.

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Name: ██████████████████

Alias: Hawk Reynolds, 029-H-567-R

Gender MALE

Alignment: NEUTRAL

Affiliation: R
Hawk Reynolds is an associate of a company that he simply calls “R”.

This so called company that Hawk Reynolds is a part of is a secretive military organization known as Project Retribution. It has only one mission eliminate any designated threat. They use some of the most highly advanced equipment to complete their mission statement, if there’s a threat then they are there to eliminate it.

Hawk is given the SPE from his organization. It’s highly advanced military gear with a LMC or Light Manipulation Cloak, DCS or Drone Control System, and HPA. He also has a specially designed sniper rifle that contains a unique caliber of bullet only made by his organization.

  • SPE is the Standard Protective Equipment used by all in Hawk’s organization. It is made of two layers, the under layer is more comfortable and made for flame resistant material. It’s designed to maintain the body temperature is most climates. The outer layers is made of a thermoplatic polyethylene and is reinforced with carbon fiber. It is a battle ready uniform worn by those in Project Retribution.
  • LMC is the Light Manipulation Cloak supplied to all soldiers of Project Retribution. The cloak is inlayed with an advanced technology that gives it chameleon-like properties allowing the cloak to passively change color as it adapts to its environment.
  • DCS is a drone control system that allows Hawk to control a spider-like drone for reconnaissance. The spider drone is not armed but has a built-in tracker that it can implant into a unsuspecting target. It has a control range of 5 miles, allowing the soldier to be at most 5 miles from their target. The tracking chip is connected to a spy satellite system, and in most cases it can
  • HPA is an optional hard point armor system given to snipers that can resist up to two .50 caliber rounds striking the same plate. They are placed mainly to cover the vitals and to allow a free range of movement.
  • METEOR Meteor is the name of the rifle specially designed by Project Retribution. It has an effective range of 5000 meters and uses a caliber specially designed for it, also made by Project Retribution.

Hawk inside his SPE

Spider drone

Hawk outside of his military has a clean shaven look. He doesn’t have too many notable features but does have graey eyes and short shaved hair. He dresses informally and tends to act casually.

Bio: Hawk Reynolds is a soldier from the organization known as “Project Retribution”, a secret organization sent out to exterminate any person that was deemed a threat to the world’s future. They themselves do not know who sends them their orders as to ensure secrecy of the most higher ups of their organization the mission statements are given anonymously even if that means a fake mission statement is handed out.

Hawk Reynolds has been sent on such a mission to exterminate a target that according to his mission statement is a dangerous force and if left alone could cause the end of the known world.

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Accepted. Join anytime.

So I was thinking of setting up my plot with Brian and Aqua investigating the crimew scene. What do you guys think?

Sure. I could start there do he can jump in.


You guys are free to investigate Cellulitis’ murders, though they more look like assaults rather than full on murders simply due to the evidence and all the people he did kill dying of a disease. though he caused that disease to kill them and usually targets police officers

Name: Lana Maakaa

Alias: Airmaster

Gender: No Gender

Affiliation: Pura Reji
Lana or Airmaster is a Celestial from the planet Celerion. He came to earth as a scientist, his reasoning being that he was looking through the Celerion records and only saw one mention of this coordinates with little else to go off of. He decided it would be best to go here to see if he could complete the data and learned what exactly happened on earth all those years ago.

Airmaster, like all celestials has a metallic body and has a lower grade of primordial energy flowing through his veins.
Like his name suggests he has control over the particles in relation to him, that tend to “hover” about in the atmosphere.

  • Shock-field is one application of Airmaster’s power that allows him to create a shock wave-like field by vibrating the particles in the air rapidly. It gives the field a greenish hue from the refraction of the light due to the process. That being said this field is much like a grinder and will act abrasively to solid material.
  • Field-blade is a very specific application of shock-field where the field takes the shape of a bladed weapon, allowing for it to be used in combat or to simply cut material.
  • Hover an application of Airmaster’s power that allows him to hover and fly.
  • Air-bullet a ranged application of his shock-field ability.


Airmaster is a Celestial from the planet Celerion, he came here to unravel the world the mystery of the missing data and to see what earth has become from the last time the Celestials have visited it’s surface.


Accepted. Join anytime.

Cool Ultraman


Yep, he’s basically a recolored ultraman

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There seems to be some confusion about where people are right now, which is my fault. Aqua came to the crime scene in Brian’s car, and I haven’t said anything about where Brian was going after the ambulance got there.

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Let’s just say aqua left the area when Brian saw that And she went back with him.

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Well hopefully once cataclsm ends this rp will be a little more busy.
@Mctoran you planning on replying anytime soon?