2059: The Invasion

She’s about to ask him but she realises he may not want to talk about it
“Do you have anything to say?” She asked

“I’m so glad you’re not dead.” Connor burst out.
“I thought- I thought you were going to die. Again.” He sniffled.

With all three sites now activated, a triangle of blue quasi-plasma appears above the sites, each point of the triangle over one of the devices. Above the triangle a wormhole open, causing a roaring sound as the air clashed. Tempest yells,
“Fire it now!”

Ruremaa on the other side hears his words and commands the firing of the Eetamaa Project. A red tower of pure weapon-grade primordial energy shot into the massive Slip Ring on their side, it’s size was massive as the energy beam spanned several city blocks.

Bursting from the wormhole, above the blue quasi-plasma, the red weapon-grade primordial energy shot up, blasting forth in mere moments. The sky became red, as it towered up the atmosphere and would hit the Xir’algath ships.

“Aww” She smiles “As long as I’m alive again, I think I know what I’d like…”

“What?” Connor asked.

“What do you think?” She chuckles

Connor sighed.
“Izzy, you know I can’t do that again.”

“Not that, silly!” Isabel chuckles

“Oh.” Connor looked confused. “Then what?”

“You have two more guesses!” Isabel smirks

Connor groaned.
“Um… a real date?”

“There we go…” Isabel sighs “But I should probably get going to the hospital first…”

“Yeah, probably.” Connor helped Isabel walk towards the hospital.

It’s the future America so healthcare is free

“Good news and bad news!” A doctor tells Connor

“Okay… bad news first.” Connor replied nervously.

“There’s a high chance she might not make it through the night, and even if she does she’ll likely have to use a wheelchair for at least the next ten years, probably the rest of her life…” the doctor sighs

“She’ll make it. She’s strong.” Connor insisted.
“What’s the good news?”

“Currently she is doing well and she wishes to see you…” the doctor replies

The entire Berserker army was caught i the blast, and destroyed by the large amount of Primordial Energy. A great number of Xir’algath ships were wiped out as well. There was a great chance that Project Ultimate was also caught in the blast.

White Hood was knocked back by the Unibeam, and fell unconscious.

Necros was blinded by the flash of light, and covered his eyes.

Richard was distracted from his fight with Beetle by the giant blast of light.

As Einhver landed on a Xir’algath flagship, she would see a good portion of the armada destroyed by a nearby beam of light.

Project Novus and Marissa would see the ray of light blas
Tired, Berserker collapsed onto his knees, grunting and panting.
Justin caught up with the heroes. “What happened?!” he asked, confused.

Most of the berserkers were destroyed, around fifty continued fighting and Peoject Ultimate was only slightly injured for his weakness was water not convenient blasts

Zalas ordered an orbital bombardment which destroyed buildings and killed hundreds!