2059: The Invasion

Richard would then feel an overwhelming urge to attack the nearest ally.

Connor smiles, but the grin fades quickly.
“The doctor says- he said that you might never walk again.”

Richard slowly clenched the mech’s fist, and suddenly spun around and checked Berserker in the jaw.

He would continue to feel an urge to pummel Beserker.
He would also hear Toxin laughing from inside his brain. “Good…” he cackled.

“Oh…” she pauses “If I was in a wheelchair what’d you think?”

Toxin’s evil gas would feel the nightmare, such evil substances combined would be completely all powerful

“Well, I’d have to push you everywhere. But other than that, nothing other than the usual.” He smiled.

“Well…” She laughs “Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad after all!”

“Maybe. I’m just glad you’re not disheartened or anything.” Connor replied.

“I was dead for a while, after that I’d like to spend more time with you…” Isabel sighs, remembering her death wasn’t really a happy memory

“Well, as soon as I can get my stuff arranged, earn some money… maybe I can buy a place, you can move in…” Connor shrugged.

“I think I’d like that!” She smiles

Connor smiles in relief. “Awesome.” He lets out a breath of air.

“I must say you have calmed her down a lot!” A doctor chuckles to Connor “She couldn’t stop hyperventilating!”

“What the hell is going on? What are you doing?!” Richard said out loud as the visor on his mask turned green. The lights on the mech also turned green, and he began to charge at Berserker.

Plague Knight continued fighting Berserker. As the Behemouth threw multiple punches at him, Plgaue Knight swiftly dodged the blows, and blasted a few shots of Crimson energy at him. Berserker was syturck by a few of the blasts, and he channeled the energy into Skullbreaker. Berserker blasted the energy out of the weapon and at Plague Knight, but Plague Knight shielded himself with the nanite swarm. He leaped into the air and punched Berker in the face, then summoning pieces of rubble and sending them to him. Berserker was struck by large pieces of rub led, and in a rage he whacked Plague Knight with Skullbreaker. Plague Knight was knocked back, his aror heavily damaged. He began to self reapir with his nanotech, and blasted a long beam of energy from his hands at Berserker. Berserker powered trough the blast, and punched Plague Knight across the battle field. As he landed on ghe ground, Berserer jumped onto Plague Knight and began to repeatedly pummel him. Pague Knight’s suit became ore and more damaged, faster than the nanites could repair. Him. Berserker then threw one last punch at his face and rose from the ground.
Suddenly, however, Berserker heard a cackling. Plague Knight’s body began twitching, as his limbs and bones realigned themselves, and the nanites began to reapir. However, something else was also happening. Te heavy damaged that Plague Knight recieved caused the previously-dormant Savager serum to mutate his body. Plague Knight began to grow, and large, metallic bird-like talons extended from his hands and feet. His limbs transformed into a more bird-like formation, and massive, black Crow wings unfurled from his back and spread into the air. The nanites began to reshape themselves, strecthing out and growing to accomadate Plage Knight’s new form.

The large black wings began flapping, and Plague Knigth uttered a sickening sound:

He then flew towards Berserker at high speed, razor-sharp talons aimed at him.

“That’s good.” Connor said.
“She needs a bit of rest after what she’s been through.”

Toxin laughed, as the urge to harm Justin’s friends grew only larger.

A doctor ushers Connor out and Isabel waves

Connor waves back as he leaves. He sits in a waiting room.

The creature groggily awoke,“Wuh, What’s happening?” She grumbled.

Malfector didn’t bother looking up, instead continuing to adjust the machinery within the particle accelerator.

Oliver took a drive down to New Metro, New Evo’s neighbouring city
“Commissioner Buckwater!” Commissioner Wilson scowled “You’ve got a lot of nerve showing up here!”
“I know…” Oliver pauses
“It’s okay!” Wilson smiles “Desperate times call for desperate measures!”
“I know we haven’t got on that well Wilson but-“ Oliver starts
“Oliver!” Wilson sighs “We are having an invasion on a global scale, I forgive you, and please, call me Michael!”
“But Wilson…” Oliver starts
“My first name is less… proper!” Michael smiles “it’s bad enough Owen calls me that…”
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“Commissioner Davies is…” Oliver starts “Sorry, Owen, is more uptight than I am about this sort of thing!”
“Well, we better stop the invasion!” Michael chuckles
“I should’ve invited Detective Millie…” Oliver sighs
“This is a Commissioner only meeting!” Michael spits “I may be lax about most things but not this!”

He’d have some magazines and newspapers to read, one of them in particular being very anti Spider-Man indeed

Connor sighed. He picked up the magazine and flipped through it.

It mentioned his recent fight with Kyro it said ‘Who was the real villain?’ And ‘Spider-Man, menace to society!’ And ‘is Kyro just an innocent man the wall crawling menace picked on?’