2059: The Invasion

“Well, Oliver was dispatched earlier so I might go and see her…” she smirks “Can I?”
“Yes…” a doctor replies
“Bye Connor!” Millie waves, as soon as she leaves Daniel looks at Connor like a demon

Connor asks, “Okay, what the heck do you want?”

“Well truthfully, now Spider-Man has killed Kyro, it means I’m in charge of an ancient order for the Dark Lord, of course all I have to do now is kill my daughter and first cousin once removed, of course Matt might get in the way but judging how he’s going, Spider-Man will get to him before me!” Daniel smiles in an evil way “Spider-Man has made things easier but you’ve made things harder, course not as hard as Commissioner Buckwater, but…” Daniel raises a gun at Connor “No more loose ends…”

Connor quickly shot a web at the gun and yanked, trying to pull it away.

“It all makes sense now!” Daniel gasps, tightly holding the gun “You’re Spider-Man!”

“Isabel, be careful!” Millie sighs
“What’s happening?” Isabel asks
“My father is trying to kill Connor…” Millie replies
“What about Oliver?” Isabel asks
“He went off to New Metro, my father wanted me to come here and kill all three of us, three birds with one stone as the phrase goes!” Millie chuckles
“It’s two birds with one stone, actually!” Isabel replies
“You were the one who studied more English!” Millie giggles

Connor growled and shot a web at Daniel’s neck, before yanking.

Daniel is stopped by the web
“Are you going to kill me?” He smiles

Connor hesitates. “I-”
He turns and runs out of the hospital.

Daniel grabs Isabel and Millie
“Well then!” He smiles “Seems he’s left you!”

Connor panted.
“I can’t kill Millie’s dad. I already did that to Isabel…”

Matt watched Connor
“I heard your predicament…” he sighed “You didn’t kill me!”
Matt watched Connor and smiled
“But you soon might have to!”
Suddenly a few armed men surrounded Connor, Isabel and Millie were on the floor, a gun to each of their heads
“Connor!” Daniel smiles sadistically “Choose which of them you want to live, make a step and they both die!”

Connor froze. He frowned and slipped on his mask.
He quickly shot webs at all the guns pointed at the two girls, gumming them up.
“Shoot me. Not them.”

Matt and Daniel aimed at Connor

“Go ahead. Do it. But if you do, if you so much as look at them, I have a friend who will kill you in an instant.”

“Who’s this friend?” Matt asks

“Hurt them and you’ll see.” Connor growled.
“You can have me. But leave them alone. Swear on it!”

Suddenly, there was an explosion nearby, and people started running and screaming. Necros appeared before Connor, and he was angry.
“Last chance: Give…me…The Symbiote! He is valuable to the Xir’algath empire!” Necros growled, aiming his gun at Connor.

Richard became heavily disoriented by the two enties in his mind. He stumbled back, the mech tipping over as it began to malfunction.

Berserker swung at Plague Knight with Skullbreaker, but Plague Knight swiftly dodged. He then swooped down to Beetle, creating a large wind wake with his wings. “Get up! You have a mission to complete!” he cawed, clawing Beetle with his talons.

Meanwhile, Justin ran up to Project Novus and Mars, panting. “There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you. Where have you been?” He said to Mars.

Connor raised his hands.
“Can it wait? I’m a little busy…”
Quickly, he shot a web at the gun and yanked, trying to take the gun.

Necros blasted an eyebeam at Connor.

Plague Knight and Berserker continued fighting. Plague Knight latched onto Berserker’s shoulders with his talons, and attempted to lift him off the ground. Berserker clawed at the talons with his wolverine claws, and released himself. Plague Knight then swooped back down, diving towards Berserker.

Using all the willpower he had, Richard forced Toxing from his mind, and the gas spewed out of his head. He then shot a repulsor beam at the cloud, attempting to dissipate it and solidify Toxin’s form.

Several Xir’algath approached Skarpix, Konstrictor and Hydron .

Meanwhile, Taghiat Quasia watched the ensuing battle from the mothership.

The nightmare was taking control over Richard now