2059: The Invasion

Connor dodged, rolling out of the way.

Toxin swirled around Richard, dodging the repulsor blast and trying to poison him.

Necros swung at Conner with his blade.

Richard then forced The Nightmare from his mind as well.

Red energy emanated from Plague Knight’s claws, as he telekinetically hurled large pieces of rubble at Berserker.

Malfector pushed a button on his gauntlet, and alarms began to sound within the accelerator.

“What do you want with me?” Growled the creature.

“I suppose you do deserve an explanation before you die, It’s quite simple, actually,” Malfector Replied," You are powered by Xalnegry, no? A unique form of energy gifted only to those the Xir’Galath deem worth. This, Xalnegry can be equated to the type of power only seen with the creation of the universe, the big bang, if you will. When the universe was first created, there was a metaphoric war between two substances, matter and its antithesis: Anti Matter. The two would annihilate each other upon contact, a simple numbers game. Whichever existed in the greatest amount, would claim the universe. I intend on using this accelerator to harness that power. When the particle comes in contact with you, antimatter will be generated and will promptly annihilate both you and most of the world. I will use the energy discharge from this explosion to rip a hole in time, so that I may return home. And look, the device is all charged up and ready to go."

Richard wouldn’t be able to, for although the nightmare had entered his mind, Richard would’ve been trapped in the nightmare’s mind, unlike toxin, the nightmare wasn’t controlling Richard, instead he was helping him unleash his true evil, this would’ve also made Richard stronger and urge to fight Berserker more, every time he’d have thought about something, the nightmare would make him question himself

“You can’t end the world, what about all the people who live here?” Growled the Creature.

“Everyone’s world ends at one point or another,” Malfector Replied as he pushed a button on his gauntlet, activating the particle.“Death, Tragedy, Change? I’m just expiditing the process. Besides, you and I both already know that I end the world. I have no choice in the matter. It’s Destiny.”

Suddenly, Malfector would here a crunching noise.

Konstrictor shot at some of them, while Skarpix and his scorpions attacked them with their stingers.

But Hydron was up on a greater challenge. Someone passed through the smoke of a burning building. Hydron carefully examined the figure, which revealed itself shortly after. It had only one leg and arm, and the rest robotically replaced. He walked slowly, with two evil, glowing red eyes, and a giant axe leaning on his shoulder. “Why are you staying for resistance? Why are you resisting against the orders? You know you’re killing yourself, do you?” he menacingly asked.

Malfector ignored it, nothing could stop him.

Malfector would feel dorito crumbs fall onto his face.

They merely brushed off his helmet

Metal canisters fell across New Evo as a stealth jet flew above

Connor dodged again and shot a web at Necros, trying to ensnare him.

Suddenly, a bright blue figure dropped down to the ground, stumbling on his rollerblades.
“Wassup, dudes!” Skader exclaimed.

Necros broke free from the web, and pulled out a gun. He then blasted a sonic beam at Connor/Impulse.

Richard, frightened by these horrific visions, instead tried to focus on the good things. He looked back on all the memories he enjoyed, and all the good times he had. He focused on them with all his might.

Connor and Impulse screamed, the latter separating from his host and falling onto the ground.

Each canister slowly opened as a thick pus-coloured fog rolled out from the cans

Malfector remained silent.

“I don’t get it,” replied the creature.

Matt smiled as Connor fell, Isabel burst out her father’s arms and hugged him tightly, Millie did the same (their grips were weaker after the blast but Isabel still did it extremely tightly) except Millie didn’t cover him in little kisses

Necros grinned, grabbing the weakened symbiote off the ground. He revelled in its power as the symbiote flowed over his body. Necros let out a maniacal laugh as a long tongue slithered out of his mouth. He was now- Necrospulse!

Berserker charged past the pieces of rubble that plague knight sent at him.

The fog drifted through the chaotic city streets engulfing anyone and anything

“So huh, is Neon over here part of the end times?” Asked the Creature.