3d G3 kakama

those are outdated masks of speed
I had to get help from anybody. making masks are too much. :confused:


I’m not sure I like these, in 2d they look stylized, but in 3d they just look, kinda bland.


I see… tell the truth I was trying to make more masks for 2 more waves.
and the makuta masks (dark-masks) made for the bad guys.

each dark-mask is warn by a Makuta Lord teridax and a dark hunter.
listing the masks of makuta, all sets of them are dark colored metallic and a mixture of trans neon.

Darkness (Krekaan)
teridax’s mask, is a prime makuta mask of shadows, leading the dark hunters but also turn golden hearts black.

Hatred (kiraii)
lets users cast anger and hatred upon victims ether to become violent or to turn on others.

Chaos (kontun)
lets user create dangerous creatures and chaotic weathers most unimaginable.

Corruption (Duukoh)
corrupts victims into minions, and also turns living environments into cruel and polluted dungeons.

Absorption (Mimiku)
lets user to take and absorb all energy from victims to use them for themselves.

​Fear (Wehi)
cast hallucinations upon victims there very worst phobia’s of all times.

Sorrow (pohuri)
cast upon victims to there deepest depression that made them weaker.

I think the second one looks the best in 3D compared to the others for some reason.

well… do anyone have any ideas on the design for a masks?