3D Inorganic Iden

So, I have this. I made it. Technically it isn’t finished, but its pretty darn close

I’m making the rest of the Inika masks, currently I’m working on the Sanok, So I’ll post those eventually.

Tell me what you think.


I think it looks pretty good!

Cool, but I imagined it more streamlined when inorganic.

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Streamlined as opposed to
“marshmellow”? Yeah, I see what you mean. it’s pretty rough.

Thanks man!

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Maybe the shape at the top could be more smoothed out with the rest of the mask, and a few vents for light piping. I like it though, if it gets refined more you could probably sell it on shape ways.

Just give it a sick spoiler…


I really like this, but are you going to add this to shape ways?

You made more of these?! Would you consider releasing the 3D models? I understand if you don’t want to, but if it’s okay, I would love to Papercraft them!