40kRP The Forge of war

Syrma. A mineral rich planet located on the outer rims, a planet fallen to chaos and it’s foul taint. A cult had surfaced and gone too long unchecked, they had taken control of the planetary capital. Eager for a promotion, Commissar Grant jumped at the chance to field his “Patchwork platoon” as it had been called. However the chaos incursion had been heavily underestimated.Basilisks fire in a rhythmic drumming day and night while renegades and guards alike go over the tops only to be torn to shreds. We know look into the stories of the servants of the God Emperor sitting within the Barracks assembled within Syrma, near the planetary capital.
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Pyotor took a swig of kvass.

Dwayne was sitting around humming a tune

13 was sharpening their bayonet.

8155 remained seated, sharpening their shovel.

One solider was grimly chewing a ration pack as they nervously looked around the room.

“Well, what’s on the agenda for today?” Pyotor slurred while brushing some oil off his beard.

The walls of the Barracks were suddenly breached as the mangled corpse of a very unlucky guardsman was thrown into the rockcrete, as they impacted they burst apart like some kind of meaty artillery shell…the plasma gun they had been holding began to violently splutter and crackle

8155 jumped up and slammed the table down in front of them, anticipating an explosion, bracing the makeshift wall.

The soldiers were thrown back but for the most part they were relatively unscathed save for a quickly fading ringing sound

“Comrades, are ye all right?” the Vostroyan soldier asked?

I haven’t died for the Emperor just yet!” replies 13, as they pull themselves from the rubble.

Dwayne stroked their abs

Now that the bunker everyone had been sheltering in had a hole in the ceiling it was much easier to hear the conflict outside and the slightly quieter shelling
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Dwayne looked around, worried about their current situation

The soldier who had been eating quickly grabbed his las gun and headed to the door “c’mon, the commissar’ll kill us if we don’t head to the frontline”

Pyotor grabbed his plasma gun and kicked down the door. “FOR THE EMPERAH!”

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Skir Desh watches the rest, before setting out with mining laser to battle.

“uh…” nervously starts the soldier “th-that doesn’t look like standard issue gear…”

Skir Desh turns his head rapidly and looks at the soldier. Skir Desh questioned,
“Isn’t it?”
Before heading towards the fight.