44026: crystal beast VS Bulk review

Welcome to my first review on this message boards
First off, I will explain how I will rate the sets
I will divide it into 4 categories;
Parts (if this set is worth picking up for the parts)
Looks (if this set looks good)
Pricepoint (if this set is worth the money)
Overall (the set overall)

also, keep in mind, in the future when I do some system reviews, I will make an additional category, which is minifigures
(also sorry for horrible image quality, my lighting isnt the best)
So lets start off the review

First off, we have the main focus of the set, crystal beast!
so, let me start with my general opinions of it at first glance
its a little short for its price point, and the hands seem to large, but the weapon and overall look works
The red pins do break the colour scheme, but thats a minor nitpick, although the blue pins dont due to the colourscheme
another good part of this is its colour scheme, with green, black, grey and trans cyan(correct me on this if I am wrong)
Unfortunatly, a problem with this set is its back, the lower arms and lower legs are unarmoured (although, the trans blue kinda makes up for it) but the upper legs have no excuse, lego could have just flipped the armour to cover the legs
also, the back is pretty dumb, they use one small armour piece and call it back armour (as shown by this picture)

Onto the bulkiest bulk guy of all bulking bulks bulk time

he has the standard build most heroes of IFB have, these cool jet boots that look ugly, and a face thats indented into his mask so he looks like a pug

oh, and things of note before I show the cacoon and end this review

These are the extra parts
pretty meh but I thought I would mention it
oh and also the new parts that came with this set at the time of release
the recolours of the claw, the head, the recolours of the quaza spikes, the printed chest plate, the feet, the recoloured bones, and the connection parts on the hands
pretty cool
oh and the new cacoon pieces, easily my favourite new lego part from this year

this set comes with one in light green, the idea of this is that you can make jumpers pop out of them, or put heroes inside
you can also open them, as shown in this picture

now why is this my favourite new piece for this year
its just so cool, as it is with the four parts together, you could make a pirahana plant
But, the idea that i thought was cool, was using it as a cloak
which @DargeD's self moc uses

anyways, enough gushing over the cacoon pieces, and let me finish this review
parts: 5/5 so, the reason this gets a 5/5 is mainly because all the parts are really useful..and thats about it I guess
Looks: 3/5 so..this is where it falls short to me, the size of the guy is quite small, and the back legs, and almost completely unarmoured back ruin this for me, but the consistent colour scheme, and the overall beast look makes it look good
Pricepoint: so this was gifted to me as a present, but the price here for me is 24 euro, but this was bought somewhere else for 20 euro..but let me just look at it as its american price 14.99 US dollars. so is it worth it? absolutly, but because of the price elsewhere, this gets a 4/5
Overall: 12/15 I know most of everyone is spending all their money on bionicle, but if you have some money leftover, buy this set, its a good set

Hope you all enjoyed my review, keep in mind this is my first review.
Oh, and dont forget to mention anything I missed

EDIT: I forgot to mention the staffs function, and the opening and closing mouth, I still give it a 12/15 though


Great job writing a comprehensive review in spite of the subpar photo quality available to you.


I bought this set so many times just to finish Kalaek, all those transparent pieces are great but now I have a bunch of those light green back spikes lying everywhere