44028 Surge & Rocka Combat Machine - Review-ish Thing

This isn't really a review, it's more of a comparison thing, and my thoughts on things like the price and whatnot. Anyways, here's the first picture, which basically shows you how big the set is compared to my self-MOC (which has a standard Inika build):

This next image shows the two jumpers, with the cocoon:

The next one compares the Mini-Hero Surge, a normal minifigure (represented by my sigfig), a jumper, and a mix-matched Thok from one of the playsets:

The next one is Rocka's separate vehicle that can detach from the combat machine:

The last picture is just a look at the combat machine without my self-MOC:

Overall, I think this set is pretty solid. I think it's amazing how much they managed to pack into a $20 set. My only problem is the flick-fire missiles, but I can replace those. stuck_out_tongue If you like this format, I'll be getting more sets in the future so I can do the same thing with those. Oh, and if you have any suggestions for a name if this ever becomes a series, let me know!



love the format and call it the set comparison and thoughts "Show".

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Nice to see someone actually likes this set. As for the name, 'Review-ish Thing' is pretty good.