4R-P01 (Leah)

I had a go at re-vamping my second D&D character: 4R-P01, better known as Leah. She's a prototype 'scout variant' Warforged armed with dual retracting blades and modifications for lightness and agility to ensure greater stealth and speed. These modifications include metal-rimmed leather armor plates instead of full metal ones and a much leaner musculature than normal, particularly in the upper body region as the scout model was not intended to swing heavy weaponry about. Comparing itself to its burlier mainline Warforged companions, this lead the resulting being to adopt a female personality to match its more feminine physique. She was never deployed as her creators intended since the workshop where she was developed was destroyed shortly after her completion. Though she was successfully activated shortly thereafter, the war in which she was intended to serve ended right about the time when the workshop was burned down. Innately curious and without another purpose, she soon took up a life of adventuring, though her typical Warforged lack of understanding of social norms meant that it was rough going for a while.

As for the changes I've made to the design: it was basically re-done from the ground up. I re-designed her face to fit better with more official Warforged artwork and made the proportions of her body a lot less extreme compared to what they were before. Maybe the torso' still a bit small, but for a being that doesn't have much in the way of internal organs, I figured it was appropriate. Here's the old version for comparison:


This is really awesome.

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An interesting character overall. Her design, particularly the head, really stands out to me and the addition of the red skirt provides some nice contrast.

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Given that the red skirt was there for story reasons, I may add it to the new version.