4R3D (moc)

4R3D is the creation of an unknown being.

we assume the purpose was to see how dangerous a creature with great strength would be with only basic intelligence.

the answer is very.

the answer is very.


He actually gives off a very Makuta-esque look.
My main complaint is the thighs, they look very out of place.

I think it looks really nicely done, however it's a little hard to distinguish which part is which sometimes.

Thank you. Yea. Should have used something other than CCBS there. Dont know whether I am keeping him yet, so not sure if i will change that, but if I do I will keep this in mind

Quartz on TTV... Well then...

Nice MOC, could use a bit more bulk on the back and a bit more complex legs. Looks good as a whole, though. Nice job. :wink:

That wheel guy looks pretty snazzy

its a girl.... may post her next.... dont know


anyway, thanks

United the Double Posts.

This guy looks really cool! I love the gear work on it.


This guy is really cool looking, but I'm not a fan of upside-down masks as faces.

The MOC looks great!