4th of July

day of independance Americans love

no political stuff or controversial topics and talk, just talk about celebration


fireworks amiright?

they're banned here because my state is stupid


I'm all dressed up for the occasion.

Unfortunately, we may not be doing fireworks this year, at least not on the beach (which is one of the few open areas we have around here), since turtle season's going on.

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Your state is banned from America now


Woo, I guess

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ignites lighter

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Happy Murica Day

Now I know why those kids were launching fireworks at each other yesterday.

They weren't exactly setting them off on the right date, but I imagine that it was close enough to the border for some people to still celebrate it.

My dad is actually going to marching a parade near us, and we're grilling out with his VFW buddies. He's in the Navy.


Happy Independence Day, everybody!


Everybody mount your Eagles! Happy Independance day!


Reagan's ghost is ready!


Do you live in Oregon? 'Cause here in Oregon our fireworks can only go up to 6-8 feet in the air, unless you have a "fireworks licence."

no I live in the middle of the pacific (hawaii)

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I'd rather watch Red vs Blue then a few fireworks tbh

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Well, I just wrote this long thing about America's fight for liberty someplace else, so might as well post it here:

About 239 years ago, a house full of dozens of men from 13 different colonies agreed to sign a document which would declare their independence from the country of Great Britain. This would spark a war which the colonists would win, and set up a nation known as the United States of America.

Creating a constitution, this law made a framework of equality only dreamed of by many in other nations. America became synonymous with liberty. In this constitution it contained a bill of rights, which gave many liberties that hold up by today.

But the fight for freedom didn't end there. In the 1860's a great civil war broke out between the Union (USA) and the seceded Confederates. The Confederates fought for their own liberties while the Union fought for the liberties of others.

The Union, under President Abraham Lincoln, won the war and instated the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery and eventually all men were given equality. But the fight didn't stop there.

In the early 1900's women also fought for equality with the Women's Suffrage movement. Eventually the 19th Amendment allowed them the right of men. But again, the fight didn't stop there.

Jim Crow laws were instated across the south of the United States, which segregated whites from different races. African Americans brought up a civil rights movement under many leaders (such as Martin Luther King Jr.) and eventually were given equal rights as white people under the Civil Rights act.

Now we still fight for freedom everyday. Because America is about the fight for liberty, not dominance. We're a country with freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press. We're given fair trials, we're allowed to speak up our mind. We're allowed to assemble peacefully if we don't like something.

And such liberties were dreamt of a large group of men who wanted freedom from the tyranny of King George III. These men were our founding fathers, and on this day, 239 years ago, in a world of kings and queens, these men fought for freedom. And today we live under the freedom they gave us.
God bless America.


but dude


pretty lights

hanging out with the family



Anyway, anyone have any good Independence Day parade stories?


who said it was political, I was just stating a fact about my state stuck_out_tongue

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Because if you did the island would sink. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: /s


I'm on my way... On my Amerikava