6 armed Robot Crime Lord named Vas

Here’s an album of it.

He’s a 6 armed construction robot that was reconfigured to be a fighting robot for an underground illegal fighting ring. However, his AI was built so that it could learn, and he eventually rose through the ranks to become one of the largest crime bosses in the world.

He is technically blind, but "sees’ through echo-location, radar, heat sensors, and other various methods to give him a 360 view of the world around him. He can also quickly hack into any nearby cameras, police radios, and has incredible strength(He is set in a time with super-advanced science). He is able to lift up to 15 metric tons(15000kg) per arm, and his legs are able to lift 180 tonnes. However, he is very heavy, so often has to take stairs, which is why he often has one-floor buildings as his bases.

He can also split his consciousness up to 3 times, to be able to control 3 different bodies at the same time. He currently has a turtle for underwater missions, and is in the process of making a bird, for aerial views.

He is currently wanted by Interpol, the FBI/CIA, and other various governments for nearly 5000 counts of murder, drug distribution, trafficking, and theft. He also has a bounty of $13,000,000 placed by the US Gov.

PS: This is all roughly 3 thousand years in the future. Robots are super common, though rarely have AI’s on the same level as this dude.


Inter… esting
Thats shows how story doesnt need to be related to Bionicle gen1/gen2 in any way.

As for the moc itself, looks preety cool (Reminds me of India god Kali, or whatever was she called)
Build looks neato, but simple (lower legs and feet needs more work) and i think that red fits as energy or something.

I would say you need to wor a kit more on head, tho i kinnda like as it is, it seems too simple (robot drugs… cracked OS?)

Ethier way, I like it!


@Creep, I haven’t really made a super in-depth storyline for this guy, so I really just made this up on the spot. As for the head, I’m not really into super complex heads, or masks, and I did get the idea for multiple arms from one of the Indian gods, no clue which though.

I did have red on this guy, but the piece broke… Once I’m able to buy pieces again, I’ll probably add some.

I also have never used the Bionicle storyline. I just don’t really find it as interesting.

Looking pretty nice! I especially love how you did the arms there, and the look of the six of them together.

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Coolio I like it.