7 tailed Dieres and Red-green Dagarak

Muaka Nui sits on a border between dimensions, the sea around it usually causes random things to just wash up on shore. The island is small, lacking many resources of its own. In order to keep the island working many of the islanders travel to different dimensions taking jobs from the inhabitants.

Dieres and Dagarak usually take jobs from Muaka Nui to track down artifacts and technology from other worlds. In a way they are Treasure hunters

Dieres is a Toa of Psionics. Her right arm is completely made of Psionic energy after losing it against a yellow clawed warrior, she has gotten used to having the arm out that it stays out even during rest.

7 sensory attachments form 'tails' on her, they can sense movements in the air as well as thoughts. They are not easily removable.

Dieres obtained a weapon known as the Elemental blade, which channels the user's energy into a physical blade.
Designs similar to this one were found in other universes however many of them did not have a receiver in the end becoming inpractical due to the danger of having a blade of concentrated elemental energy spring out at any time

The blade has a convenient function to shorten for storage

Dagarak is Dieres's partner, arriving with her to the island at the same time, they are just partners in treasure hunting since love isn't canon
Dagarak was created by a strange being as a Toa and was given an Olmak by this mysterious being when he became a Toa, he hopes to one day find out who his creator is

Dagarak owns a Elemental blade built from the design of Dieres's, it is a larger weapon but still operates on a similar system

The weapon does not extend unlike the original as Dagarak preferred the weapon to be sturdier. The weapon also channels just a little energy out of the tip allowing the user to stab with the weapon

I was trying to use the CCBS system for Dagarak's limbs this time and Dieres already already had CCBS arms so I decided to just swap out her thigh armor for CCBS shells as well.
Dieres turned out really well but I think I need to redesign Dagarak's limbs again.
Dieres was supposed to have fluffy fox tails but since fluff isn't canon either I made them pokey tails, I would probably still touch those pokey tails though.
The two elemental swords were based on the beam Katanas from no more heroes, Dieres's being directly based on Travis's first katana.
Leave some feedback, I would love to improve on these two


Cool but the chest armour looks just a little bland...

I was planning to paint some detail on Dieres's chest armor but I do really need to improve Dagarak's

I don't mean the colour. The foot piece just seems kind of flat and 2d and although the toe of the foot works as a chest the rest of the foot just looks sot of ugly especially with the too heel pieces sticking out. Sorry if I'm being a little harsh...

For some reason that trans blue on Dieres's arms looks cool to me...

Anyway, nice MOCs, I really like how you used the jumper cocoons on Dagarak's legs.
Also, the shoulders on Dieres would benefit from being slightly higher.


Very cool! For some reason, that one trans-blue arm on the gold body looks so cool to me.

I absolutely second this notion.

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jk, I really like these 2, I really like the idea of one arm being made entirely of elemental energy


These are both very nice; I quite like your use of the 2015 Kaukau for Dieres! Dagarak makes me think of the holday season, though... stuck_out_tongue

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My cousin told me that yesterday, the holiday season Dagarak i mean

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Even worse now that he looks like he has a mistletoe on his chest


those bent pieces! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?


Anti part purism is my specialty


I preferred him the other way...

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Nice moc, but those bent pieces......


I like it. I like it a lot.

Simple, but good.

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