7000 BC. Fall of Atlantis


Is more less based on the real jewish king,Baldwin IV.


Ah, oh. Thanks.
Not to sound picky, but can the authorities somehow interfere with Leonida? Like, he is a prince of Rome in a rival state, that should raise some questions.

he is in the trade portions of the city, so they’d be somewhat used to foreigners there. However that won’t mean the Atlanteans would keep an eye on them.

In my last post I said that he was heading for a more expensive neighbourhood, maybe in the central ring. I wanted to say that he has a vacation home in Atlantis, but this would still be enough to raise some questions.

and TBH didn’t fully realize he was an enemy of the Atlantean state

Enemy? No.
Take Germany and the UK before WWI. They were not friends, but they were not enemy either per say.

Name: Expunged from records
Alias: The bloodless flagellant
Gender: Unknown has a female voice however
Affiliation: Atlantis empire (currently), Cult of Dionysus (formerly)

Stone body

The flagellant’s body is hewn from the same stone used to create the automatons and machines of Atlantis, as a result of this they no longer can eat or drink, nor do they have to. That being said they can still feel pain and no longer have access to the intoxication of wines to block it out.

Walking garden

To further taunt/humiliate the flagellant their body contains a large amount of fertile soil from which grape vines grow and entangle them. This frankly bizarre punishment means that the bloodless flagellant is always carrying some food on them all while crushed grapes leak into a basin, aging in the sun and becoming a potent wine which they may never have the joy of drinking.

Bacchant combat madness

As a Maenad the flagellant knows how to rip and tear apart those who they do not see eye to eye with. In order to prevent such psychotic rampages the thin arms of the bloodless flagellant are forever clutching the basin-urn which carries the wine they can never taste.



A large and heavy clay urn with a flared out funnel-top The inside of the urn is lined with copper like an ancient cooking pot.

Apperance: A tall thin stone statue of a woman, riddled with cracks and covered in vines that erupt from their back, hands permanently enclosed around a large basin-urn. Faint magical light occasionally emirates from the cracks when there is little to no light present.
Bio: The bloodless flagellant has had their identity stripped away from them after committing some heinous act in a Bacchant ritual (most likely involving the dismemberment of one or more people, due to their feminine appearance and voice they believe that they were a Maenad priestess prior to having their mind incarcerated within this stone prison.

Also, would Atlantis know about the Americas?

Accepted, (sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner)

If they did know about the Americas, it would be of similar stature to a legend, or like Vinland, where few attempted to explore the lands, but not many would stay.

For those wondering I’ll be at work, so I won’t be responding to the RP.

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So like… Is it possible for there to be an oracle or clairvoyant that Leonida can go to?

If you just need a rout for information to get yo your character, you could have them go to Dragonborn. (My character’s alias that is an informant. )

Nah, I am looking for a future teller.

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I can throw an NPC your way then

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Perhaps Teacher? He isn’t “officially” an oracle, but i don’t think foresight would be outside of his range of skill, seeing as he is a Shaman.


Name: Commander Elion Aks

Gender: male

Affiliation: Atlantean Military Eagle Unit (AMEU)

Standard Atlantean Trident, shoots a bolt of energy, usually only given to high ranking officers of the Atlantean Military.

Atlantean Sword, made from an alloy only constructed in Atlantis, it proves to be lighter and more durable than any bronze or iron sword.

kinda like this soldier from that one conan game, but with a eagle crest on the chest.

Name: Gorga T’latani

Alias: Whiptail

Gender: Female

Affiliation: None

Powers or Natural Abilities: Gorga can transform her legs into a tail resembling that of a fish. She can breathe underwater and is excellent at swimming.

Equipment or Weapons: Two small daggers, and a pair of traveling clothes, as well as a nicer dress

Appearance: Gorga is a slim, average height woman. She has bright red eyes and long, black hair. Her skin has a slight green tint to it.

Personality / Bio: Gorga is cunning and vicious when she needs to be, but she can also be charming and generous. Gorga is a mercenary with a habit of befriending the people she is meant to harm, then exploiting them and making them suffer. However, she only does so because there is an unknown magical force that forces her to harm others.


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so…uhm…Rome is invading Sardinia
can the natives react please?