71316-Umarak the Destroyer-Animated Speedbuild

Finally! This is FINISHED!!! and just in time for…Halloween!!!


After a long delay I managed to finally get this bad boy put together, and I must say, UtD is probably the most awesome set of the entire G2 line, considerably the best villain set by far, and a true successor to the old Titans line.
So without further ado, here is the video!!!


Great job, as with all of your videos!
I also really like how the tempo of the music increases over the duration of the video. It makes the ending more anticipated!

This is pretty cool.

Awsome animation! I really appreciate how the pieces would react or spin around when connected with another piece! You did a really good job at making this feel unique!

Very nice job. The stop motion is very fluent and I love the choice of music here.