8:1 Scale Kopaka Moc

So, what else is there to do on a Saturday afternoon? Find out the height of a Toa and scale it to "Real World" proportions? Why not?
i never really realised how lanky the Toa would be until I started to construct this Moc. He's pretty much dead on for what's capable with Lego and without modifying pieces. the only part that's a bit out is the part where the hips meet the body, I'm about 1/2 an inch too skinny, but I couldn't get any more tyres round.
Any hoozill, here he is.

Any comments, criticism and advice is, as ever, greatly appreciated.
Cheers. :grinning:


Great job! I like what you did with the shield.

Mid section of the torso looks really thin in contrast with the bulky shoulders and chest, but apart from that it looks good.

That chest is a little elongated, ain't it?

@btmomegar Thanks, I did cheat a bit and used a sticker on the grey part, i'll get it from brick link if i can find one in white.
@Stoax Thanks. I know, he looks really thin, kinda at the mercy of parts, but in terms of scale, I'm a few 8ths of an inch out.
@SwagMeister I know it looks too long, but I measured it and if anything, its too short if he was a "human", (avg Toa height 7'1")

Cool but.. I think he looks very feminine because of the elongated torso and the smooth look of the new shin armor piece.

Kind of hope we get this sort of Kopaka style for 2016, just works better giving him a more knightly style. Shoulder pads are a bit iffy, but other than that i like it :smile:

I get a bigger Knight vibe from this than Uniter Kopaka. I love it.

I like him slimmed down, but maybe bulk up the shins and the mid section!

This is Kopaka entering speed mode.
Very nice.