9/11 Memorial

No joke posts or theories, this topic is to remember what we've lost.
I understand if a Mod feels this topic is inappropriate, or that there should not be a topic about this event.

I was in Brooklyn at the time, too young to really understand it. It was just another day regular day, my Uncle had left to go to the World Trade Center for a work errand.
Then it happened, the TV showed the horrible sight. Thankfully my Uncle was running late and wound up fine, but others were not so lucky. Truly the nation was never the same.

Never forget.


I remember watching it live in school. I think most people were in shock.


This would normally be classified as 'Political Discussion', but, since there are people that want to share their experience of this tragic event, and remember those that they have lost or may have lost.

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I remember I didn't find out about it until after the fact. I'd heard the term 9/11, but I didn't know what it was except that it was something "bad". Then one day, some time before '05, one of my friend said "Did you know your birthday is 9/11?" To which I said "No, what's that?" And then they told me what 9/11 was.

I was kinda in shock for a while.


I was around two when the attacks occurred, though I don't remember much from then. The first time I learned about 9/11 was when I watched Home Alone 2 in 2nd Grade and there was a scene where the protagonist looked up at the twin towers, to which my parents responded to md that they were no longer there.


I have no memory of what I was doing when 9/11 happened.

Anyway. S/O to the Pentagon that also got destroyed at the same time and no one noticed. Also S/O to the passengers on the fourth plane that crashed it so that it wouldn't reach their destination, you guys did good.


I was 2 days old when 9/11 happened.

My mom remembers watching it while holding me. It was my mom's first day home.

On a unrelated side note, all these 9/11 stories are also birthday stories for me.

That explains a lot about me.

I was barely 1yo at the time, so I don't remember it. I do remember watching a movie with my dad and asking what the two towers were, and he told me my mom died in 9/11.




I don't know where I was when it happened, probably 'cause I was still a baby.
And I don't remember when I first found out about it.
But it's still pretty sad.
And I feel for those who've lost loved ones.


I might of been too young to remember the attacks, but I can understand the true terror and sadness that they have brought. It shall be remembered in U.S. History as one of the most grief-filled events that our nation has faced.

My greatest respect goes out to all of the victims of the attacks.


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I was only 4 months old then, but in 8th grade US history we watched a documentary made up of clips of the attacks. I still remember one line from a cell phone camera:
"Censored I'm not staying in a 30 story building"
It really messed with me, I am sorry for those who lost someone in the attacks. I found the mass terror life-changing, if only 13 years late.

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I wasn't even borin yet however one of my friends was borin on that day


I was born three days after 9/11. Shocking what happened.

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I have a freind whose father works for the UN, and almost went there on that day. We're all glad he didn't.
I personally don't remember it, as I was just learning to walk at the time.


I turned 2 that day.

I also remember some news channel playing a clip later that day, but no one told me what happened until several years later.

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I'm sorry for your loss.


Now I'm not pretending to be an expert, or even know just how pianfull it can be. But what I do know is that it was tragic and memorial and not jokes and theories are what is needed...


Yeah... It was truly a horrible event. My dad is progressively driving himself crazy with conspiracy theories about it.