A 2016 Lewa

Nothing special here. I just never uploaded this.


The picture quality is very good.


The way his arms are made seems awkward but the colorscheme’s okay.

umm you removed one one of lewa’s features ( unity )

and you added even more colors

i think that’s a downgrade

The moc is ok, but the picture quality is brilliant!

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Nice moc. :slight_smile:

It’s not supposed anything special…
and lewa already has lime in his colors.

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Not really a fan of this, everything you added looks really eh.

Looks nice

not great, but still cool

when i look at this i instantly think of kopaka xD

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In all honesty, that’s a good MOC. It looks almost like a set.
I might call it “a 2016 Lewa Revamp”.

The lime green doesn’t do it for me and his arms and shoulders look too much like kopaka’s

The lime is kinda ehh
But the picture quality is very good!