A bionicle MMO

You think G1 bionicle or G2 should have gotten a MMO like adveture quest worlds? And what would your thoughts be if something like this was a thing.

Imagine travelling to metru nui, mata nui, stelt, ect on a adventure filled with loot and insanity.


Yes it should e

An MMO would actually be a wonderful idea if implemented right. Unfortunately Lego has a bad history with MMOs (rip Lego Universe we will miss you).

Yeah, I agree with this. As much as I would have loved one, the likeliness of it being good (or maintained for very long) probably would’ve been low.


Bionicle was made right before MMOs started to boom, Arguably before they perfected the formula with the release of WoW and SW Galaxies.

G3 should get on this.

That would seem interesting. Maybe each player would create their own toa and battle rahi with other players.

XD or capture rahi as companions

XD G3 LEWA!! Queen of the Fikou!

I am the most uninformed men on earth. What is a MMO?

It’s Massive Multiplayer Online games, like World of Warcraft, the above mentioned Adventure Quest Worlds and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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