A Brief Poem About my Loath-ship of Turnitin and Moodle and Renweb

Whatever hapened to the good old days,
Of paper, penciles, Fs and As,
When all of this would be submitted,
As a hard coppy, with lead and ink permited?
Apparently, it was brutally killed by a screen,
Covered with icons of red blue and green.
Nothing against technology,
I’m using it right now, as you can see,
I just preferred the days when,
With our pencil and our pen,
We didn’t realize,
When our grades were a surprise,
And when Renweb didn’t put the pressure on
like our inevitable robot overlords from the planet Zarquon.
I don’t know if you care,
But I’m just putting it out there.
(This originally accompanied a school paper.)


Nice poem, I like it!

Many thanks!

Dude I used to absolutely hate things when they weren’t digital. Grades are way better now that we do everything online. If anything, schools just don’t commit enough to going all digital.

Eh, I guess I can see your point of it being better in the long run, that doesn’t change that it’s frustrating for now.



Are you a PALCS student?

I am not, no.