A Clay To Remember

So basically, I’ve been sculpting with clay for about 10 years now, and I think I’m pretty good.

Anyways… If you wan’t me to sculpt a stylized version of your avatar, or like a moc or something, let me know.
(Just a btw, I’m bad at human faces)

I’ll add some pictures of my work here at some point.


Wanna try mine?

It’s basically a side profile of a hoodie on a Metru skull, with Sidorak’s mask.

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If you make a clay Gadunka head I will give you every Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Internet Cookie and whatever other online currency I have.


I’ve always wanted to get into sculpting. I’ve never done it.

You’re more than welcome to try mine. It’s Transformers Prime Breakdown wearing a Stetson hat with a sort of torn up poncho thing hanging from his neck.

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Just re-read this… You just wanted a head? I skipped over that the 1st time so I’m in the middle of making a foot tall Gadunka…


That also works lol. I hope you know I have only Internet cookies…

Cookies are classy.

Could you do my avatar?
Here’s the original artwork for it.

What clay are you using? I personally sculpt with polymer clay, which can be solidified by heating in an oven.

I dunno if he’s still sculting nowadays…