A Collection of My Neat-O MOCs

So I made some MOCs to post here a while but never posted them because I didn’t have names for them, so I’ll just put images for them all here. Tell me what you like and what you think I could improve, I’m curious to know.


one thing i would say would be give your cam more time to focus

as for the mocs the last one is my fav and the green one looks like a gresh revamp
the red one looks simple but its not that i was lazy kinda simple

These are so amazing… Where did you get the first one’s shield?

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These are certainly neato MoCs. The last one is my favourite. :stuck_out_tongue:

i like them, well done!

Well the pictures were taken hastely with an old camera with light coming through my window, so the pictures came out well considering. [quote=“DesireRivalzx, post:2, topic:37514”]
red one looks simple but its not that i was lazy kinda simple


Lego Ninjago: Final Flight of Destiny’s Bounty

Thanks for the compliments yall.

They’re basic but have good personality, keep on improving them and they’d end up pretty cool.

Make refinements like a more complicated build, or some better armor or color distribution (in the case of the black one the color and armor could use work) just general little improvements would help.