A Community Toa Team Project (Based on the Makuta One)

So I was looking at the brotherhood community project and I thought why not have a community toa team? So go crazy and build your own toas and post it here. Happy Building freinds!


I don't quite get how this would be a community Toa team. Wouldn't this be more like a collection of Toa teams? Something like the Toa Hagah who weren't just this one team but every Makuta had one Hagah team assigned to him or her?
So everyone would in the end post his personal "Hagah" team here?

Anyway, as I have these pics still on my computer, why not post them here?

I present to you: The Toa Wistak

I made up this Toa team when I was about ten (that's also why the names may sound a little ... strange), but built them just a year ago when I was getting back into building with Bionicle. The main idea was to experiment with different kinds of custom torsos and weapons. I also wanted to do something without using silver parts, so their secondary colour is black.
They aren't that special or good looking, but I feel like you get the Toa impression from them.

So, the individual entries:

Irodono, Toa of Fire
A Toa, more known for thinking and planning than fighting, Irodono has had a hard time, keeping rather hot tempered natures like Rokan and Noriika in line. In battle, he relies on tactics and distance, showering opponents with fireballs or luring them into traps.

Irodono wears the Kanohi Lerwan, the great mask of tactics, which gives him bird eye's view of his surroundings. His Toa tool is the Ash Spear, through which he can channel his elemental power. The spear is also capable of emitting a cloud of smoke and ash, to temporarily blind enemys.

Rokan, Toa of Stone
No big teamplayer, Rokan likes to solve problems bulling through them. Thinking his own strength sufficent for most tasks, he often got on his team leader Irodono's nerves in the past. Rokan may look the dumb brute and act like one, too, but in his heart, he definetly is a good guy, though maybe he doesn't heed the Toa code, as he should. Above all, he is absolutely loyal to the Matoran, seeing the protection of them as the most important thing in the universe, more important even, than his own life.

Rokan's weapon of choice is his Stone Hammer, which - apart from channeling his elemental powers - also works great at squashing his enemys. His mask of power is the Kanohi Zatrohn, the great mask of stunning, with which he can temporarily rob opponents of the coordination of their mechanical parts.

Wosh, Toa of Ice
Silent. Cunning. Swift. Wosh is a master of hunting and tracking, striking at his enemys under the cover of blizzards. Though he is most effective on his own, somehow he is the first one after Irodono who sees the unity of their team as their greatest strength. But often it is Wosh too, who has to remind the Toa of Fire of the unique abilities of everyone.

Wosh is wearing the Kanohi Elar, the great mask of Life Finding, which allows him to sense the merest flicker of life in his surroundings, even users of the Kanohi Huna or Volitak. Through his Ice Staff he can channel his elemental powers. (it is also
quiet effective used as a throwing spear)

Gowa, Toa of Air
Gowa is a typical Toa of Air. He talks a lot, he jumps a lot and when it comes to dodging or climbing, no one's faster than him. Mostly he acts as a spy for the team, sneaking into enemy territory and bringing back valuable information for Irodonos plans. But there's another cause for him being nearly allways away from his team: None of
them can stand his endless talking longer than a few hours.

Gowa carries two Air Axes, through which he can channel his elemental powers. They also double as tools for gliding on the wind. Gowas Kanohi is the Carax, the great mask of passage, that allows him to move through every kind of obstacle, even solid walls.

Noriika, Toa of Water
Noriikas favorite place in a fight is the one right in the middle of it. Her recklessness matches Rokan's but instead of solely relying on strength like the Toa of Stone, Noriika uses every advantage she can get. Her favorite method of attacking are high pressure water jets, that can even blast through rock walls.

Noriika carries a water scepter, through which she can channel her elemental powers. It also works quite well as a club. Her Kanohi is the Kiril, the great mask of regeneration, that allows her to restore anorganic structures.

Lanodo, Toa of Earth
Lanodo doesn't speak much. In fact, he keeps that quiet, his teammates sometimes forget, he's there at all. In a fight, they'll never miss him, though. Lanodo most often uses his elemental powers, shaking enemys from their feet, collapsing structures above them or just hitting them with whatever the earth provides him with. He doesn't really like hand to hand combat, but nevertheless his sword skills surprised many an opponent thinking of an easy victory.

Lanodo wears the Kanohi Rol, the great mask of confusion, which allows him to let persons temporarily forget, what they wanted to do (except, if it's on hand). He can use his Ground Sword to channel his elemental powers.

And another look at the weapons ... with hands still attached.


Really cool and each toa is individual and unique I love these

How would this work? The Makuta Community build has a system where a makuta can be picked by a member to build. Would everyone just build teams of toa, or would each member build one team member or a couple, or what? Sorry if I am coming off as boorish, just wanna nail the specifics down.

Following Gilahu's example, here are the Toa Pahu!

This was my first project when I got back into building. I started in the summer of 2014 and finished them early winter of 2015. It started as a revamp of the Toa Nuva, (that is why the guy on the far left is pretty similar to Kopaka), but evolved to be its own team of new characters.


Saw these on Flickr, never realized they were part of a team. Excellent work on all of them!

I was thinking something like an order of mata nui kinda thing where everyone can build a toa or toa team and can spark their creativity and build characters with stories attached to them.

Oh, ok, that's a pretty neat idea. Canon wise should everyone try and fit their story in the main canon, or like just go crazy?

I am Building a Semi-Toa Team called the Blood Crusaders (name in pending)

it is about Trengot forming a Team to Eliminate his brother XAIES

Try to make a base story and expand off of it like have it based on an island in the mata nui robot or on spherus magna. I want the community to have creative control and do what they want and agree on.

@Whaddon Really cool. I can't wait to see the final result.

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MhhhmhmmhehehehahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAAH. This is my kinda thing. You want Toa teams? Well I will give them to you!

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Good for you my freind

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wosh u soul

The Toa Aonalgin
plz excuse my white-on-white photography


The leader and the founder of the team. He caused a schism in his old team (following an inter-dimensional excursion) and split the team, whilst adding three new members.


The newest member of the Aonalgin, and a rookie Toa of Gravity. Very angry and somewhat violent, but at the same time, shy and reclusive. My secondary self-MOC.


An industrious Toa of Light native to Xia, and a friend to many Vortixx. She is nearly always cheery or upbeat, and loves creating new things.


A somewhat dark-minded Toa of Sonics. He has a way of finding trouble and sticking with it. Originally a servant of the B.o.M., He was once part of a group of smugglers based on Stelt, until he fell for a beautiful De-Matoran, who convinced him to leave. Sadly, they were eventually separated and Oto ended up joining the Aonalgin following partial memory loss


An honest Toa of Plantlife, who says what she thinks without holding back. She is typically good-natured, and very kind.


A snobbish Toa of Lightning, who grates at being asked to help anyone or anything besides herself. Despite this, she has a strong sense of obligation and duty, and so maintains her status as a noble Toa.

Hey! If this is like the B.o.M. project, could you get a list of Teams up on the main post? It's good for keeping track of stuff.


All of those just looks amazing!!! Good job freind! Is the gold hau original or 2010? It is hard to tell

This is a great idea! I might have to start MOCcing a couple of my fanon Toa Teams!

I believe it's the 2010, due to the fact it's really small and matches the other gold pieces.
Although I'm not the creator, you've apparently waited 17 hours for an answer. :smile:

You know, these projects really bring the community together.

So, one Toa Team coming right up!

I present to you: 'The Toa Avon'

These are all the six Toa in a row, now let's look at the Toa in pairs!

First Pair:

On the left is Ganos, Toa of Fire. Ganos is an ambitious Toa with many goals in life. He is one of the recent additions to the Team, and as so has limited experience with combat situations.

On the right is Kartes, Toa of Ice. Kartes is the Onua of my team, he doesn't speak unless necessairy, and is wise. His experience with combat situations is also limited since he has just joined the Toa Avon on the very mission there doing at the moment.

Next pair:

On the right is Jalin, the Toa of Water. She has been in the team for years and years already, she's a martial arts specialist with a preference for katana blades as weapons. She has been in the Toa Avon just as long as Pyren has been.

On the left is Chara, not a Toa actually. Chara is not an actual Toa, she's a war lordess who has joined the Toa Avon on their most recent mission. Altough she's technically not a Toa, but she has managed to gain the trust of the other Toa, and is now a part of the Toa Avon.

Last pair:

It would be egoistic to start with my self-MOC,

so on the right is Toa Kylos, Toa of Earth. The self-MOC of a friend of mine. Kylos is a great friend to many and has been trough more battles than anyone in this team. He and Pyren will be best friends forever, although Kylos nearly lost Pyren the previous missions.

On the Left is my self-MOC, Toa Pyren, the Toa of air. Pyren is a strong leader and he a very brave leader as well. Although he wears the mask of levitation, he afraid of Heights. (This is a trait he enherits from me in real life) As was briefly mentioned in Kylos' Bio, yes, Pyren has almost died a billion times already, and it almost seems he's a Makuta magnet.

Just the weapons so you can see them:

Most of these weapons have no backstory, except from the blade made of Jaller Mahri's sword. This blade actuallly belonged to Ignika and was given to Pyren on his last mission. The blade was part of Ignika's board, but as that began to disintegrate, the sword fell down and was later picked up by the revived Titan Ignika. (Who gave it to Pyren afterwards).

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2010, the original is metallic gold, not pearl gold, and is too large plus it's a lot rarer

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