A couple of MOCs

Both of these were pretty quick builds, while fun I don’t think they fit the style of my comic (Jal's Superb Storytelling. (Saturday installments)) That’s why I’m asking you guys for suggestions, to help update them!

First one here I plan to be some form of scientist.

There’s not a whole lot going on with this figure but he still fills the role I guess.
The next is a female something or other. (Still working on it.)

And here’s a pic of the staff:

Once again both of these MOCs were made fairly quickly, and still need some work, and that’s why comments and feedback are appreciated!

Edit: after realizing how bad my initial pictures are, here’s a hopefully better one!


The proportions are off on both, mainly in the arms. The scientist dude also needs an arm, unless you intended it to be cut off or something, but that isn’t looking so good anyways. Otherwise these are good, but the red one’s head should be a bit down.

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Are the arms too short or too long?

That was the idea, but now that I look at it, it could use some work.

It sticks out that far so it can be articulated, though I do plan to try shorting it.

Thank you for the advice!

Too short.

No problem. :wink:

Updates to my red and white MOC:

Comments and feedback are appreciated.
(I haven’t added much to my other MOC yet.)

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