A drawing I did of a moc I once had built but have now disassembled

This is a drawing of another old moc. He's fast. Also, he's a good shot; note the rad scope on his eye. His super kewl feet aren't pictured here, but he wears rollerblades. Yeah. Those are cool, right? Yeah, I think so. Hey, does anyone else feel like watching some Steven Universe right now? This is only my second post and I'm already tired. The process would probably be alot faster if I used a pc instead of my phone I bet. sigh anyway, enjoy the TTV message boards and all the posts on it!


spits out drink

It looks nice. Real nice. Your art style makes some of the pieces used cool. The shading on parts of the armor are well placed and parts of the body look like they have correct proportions

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This is really good! I love how you did the eyes.

Oh, man, I'm glad you like it! To be honest, this is a great departure from his actual design. Of course I have no way to prove this, since I never photographed him, but just trust me. The only things that represent the physical figure are the limbs and head. The torso was entirely fabricated. I went for a Gundam-esque look because he's supposed to be really agile, and Gundams are usually agile.

@helryx, Thanks, man! I really appreciate it.

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I liked the departure. Judging from the parts resemblance the guy might not've looked as good, but this drawing of it looks great!

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I like this style, that head is unique

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Huh. That's interesting. I like it.

Pretty sweet design sir.