A few experimental mocs I made

A couple mocs I made for practice with techniques/experimentation, they are not exactly masterpieces, but I thought they had some interesting designs in them that I would share.

this first one is supposed to be an organic being(hence the nuva hau) with a flamethrower arm, now the build itself is a glorified inika build, but the upper legs and flamethrower arm are what I was building this to experiment with.

A closer look at the legs, which are a basic but effective design, and the color bleeding is something that is imo a nice look. also a look at how the arm attaches to the body, using a piston to hold the ball-joint

A side view of the flamethrower, which I'll admit is messy,
but the important thing shown it how the elbow is a hinge , which is a spring piece from an old Lego technic hockey player (citation needed), this allows the arm to be a solid mass while still having an elbow, which while not being the only way to do this, is useful because it is a solid joint, and could come in handy for a scorpion mocs tail, with its spring.

funny story behind this one, just wanted to try out this shoulder design i thought of, completely accidentally created toa kaita wairuha, even the miru was by chance...
but as for the shoulders, not too diffcult to figure out how to build them, rahkshi arm+bohrok body, but they have a very regal look

also the axe is cool.

finally we have the obligatory rahkshi head, but with wings! I actually like this ones aesthetics but it's really basic.

a, decent look at the torso, probably scrapping this one for parts soon, but I kinda like it

the wings are decent, though I'd redo them in a heartbeat if I was keeping him. the fact that they are not built into the torso and can be easily removed is a + though.

A gun-blade, not much to say about it other than I like how I did it

Something I really like about this is the head. Not enough "rahkshi heads" have bottom jaws, and I think I made one that was pretty good here.(might put a tutorial in the "BioMoccing Tutorials" topic, if it's deemed good by commenters here, )

so that's some of the mocs that Iv'e done as experiments, feel free to critique them, and I hope they've given you some Ideas for your own mocs, as they helped me with my actual mocs.


The first one was very interesting. I love the flame thrower arm idea but it makes the opposite arm look super small. Besides that, he looks like a boss.

The 2nd Moc looks super cool although his colour scheme seems a little off but surely a neat design.

And last but not least the 3rd moc which I actually can't find anything to improve with. I love everything about it, such a sweet moc.

Great mocs and keep on mocing!

it was made from parts on a whim, but it looks freakishly similar to
toa kaita wairuha


Oh yeah, now that I look at that. I should have noticed, silly me!

To be fair, I didn't notice at first, and I made it. so it isn't that obvious unless you see the kaita.
I realized the similarities when rewatching "MNOG with meso", it's pretty funny that it was unintentional.

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These all look cool! The one thing I would say, however, is that the first one looks a bit cluttered...
Other than that, nice work!

cluttered is an understatement, it's a mess, but I was just sticking things on for ideas.

Some great, original ideas you've got here! However, I think all of their color schemes could use some work (they're a bit messy and chaotic). smiley

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see above comments.

but yeah, I agree, I was just throwing parts together to see what looked good, so I could use similar ideas on other, better mocs.

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Looking forward to seeing them! :smiley:

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well, my self-moc uses the outside-the-box building style I got used to while making these, and the chest takes inspiration from the first one.
so that's something.

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