A few Questions Regarding Secondary Elements

I’m more of an english/history artsy type of person, so my knowledge of science is pretty limited (so bear with me)

  1. What are the practical differences in the powerset of a Toa of Plasma vs a Toa of Fire? What can a Toa of Plasma even do?

  2. What would the effects be when a Mask of Intangiblity is used against a user of Sonics? (Toa of Sonics, for eample) Would the Mask protect it’s user from a sonic-based attack?

  3. What are the practical differences in the powerset of a Toa of Magnetism vs a Toa of Iron?

  4. What kinds of things can a Toa of Gravity do? What about a Toa of Sonics? The abilities listed on Bs01 seem rather abstract, and I want to implement real battle sequences using these types of Toa in a story- so I want to understand teh kinds of practical things they can do.

  5. How is the Mask of Mutation not considered among the most powerful masks in the MU? (kind of rhetorical, but really, instant-perma mutation to anyone you focus on? how silly is that?)


BS01 doesn’t really say anything about this, so I’ll have to assume some things here. Plasma is a superheated, ionized form of matter, while fire is a chemical reaction. While both powers have to do with heat, they’re different in how they do things.

Sound is created by vibrations in objects. A Mask of Intangibility reduces the density of the user on demand, allowing them to pass through solid objects. This means they’d still be physical, and would still be affected by Sonics.

Toa of Iron are limited in that they can only manipulate metals. A Toa of Magnetism controls magnetic energy, allowing them control of certain (magnetic) metals, limited flight, and can allow situations like this to occur:

A Toa of Gravity effectively manipulates the weight of objects/other living things. They can also achieve limited flight by manipulating the pull of Gravity on themselves, but, unlike the users of other elements, they cannot absorb their own element (Gravity). I don’t imagine they can give things their own gravitational fields, either.

As I said above, sound is made by vibrations, so a Toa of Sonics creates vibrations. They can do things like cause a structure to vibrate to the point that it crumbles, or freeze the vibrations in air to create a “field” of silence. They can also manipulate sound waves. Unlike other Toa, Toa of sound are vulnerable to their own powers.

I see what you mean, this thing has a ton of practical applications, but I guess the facts that you can’t mutate yourself nor can you undo the effects of Energized Protodermis nerf it a bit. I’m also under the assumption that Miserix has the only Mask of Mutation in existence, but I may be wrong.


Thanks for the answers, I wasn’t expecting such a concise response to nearly every question :smile:
The one thing I still don’t get is the plasma v fire thing though, since I don’t know how controlling an ionized gas works in comparison to a chemical reaction.
Once again, thanks so much for the answers mate!
If anyone else can answer the plasma/fire question, or you again hewks, I’d really appreciate it

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Regarding plasma, from reading the bohrok-kal comics, I believe that plasma users create plasma through heating substances to extreme temperatures, and then it can control the resulting plasma.

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